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What is the Best Way to Clean Windows Without Streaking & Keep Them Clear in La Quinta, CA?

After cleaning your windows, you want to extend the vibrant shine and clear view. AAA Cleanco would like to offer some tips to do just that!

What is the Best Way to Keep Outside Windows Clean?

1. Make sure if you leave the exterior screens on all year, that they periodically cleaned and removed of outdoor debris commonly found trapped on it. Keeping the dirt and grime off the screens, means averting it from your windows. It is recommended to remove screens during the colder months and have them stored. How else can you show off your beautiful holiday displays and lights?
2. Landscaping should be regularly maintained. During the colder months, the vegetation grows, slightly, if at all. But it still encouraged to keep trees and bushes trimmed and pruned away from your windows. This will help hinder pollen and dust debris from building up on those gleaming windows.
3. Remove the BBQ grill approximately 4-5 feet away from your windows. Though the grill is rarely fired up in the colder months, it is still good information to have in your mind to have the grill kept away from your windows. Sauce, grease, smoke, and even ash from coal can produce films, and build up and fog up the crystal clear glass.
4. Sprinkler adjustments. If you notice your sprinkler system is reaching your windows, it is best to get them adjusted. Hard water spots can be difficult to remove.

What is the Best Way to Keep Interior Windows Clean?

1. Keep surrounding areas routinely dusted. As dust expands, it will eventually land on your windows, especially the dust accumulating on ceiling fans, and drapes. keep the dust at bay to allow those windows to sparkle.
2. Avoid lighting candles or incense around the windows. No doubt candles add fragrance and the perfect ambient lighting, but the smoke from them and the incense or other burning relating fragrance emitters, can fog up the glass, and add a smoke residue onto your glass. Keep them at least 3 feet away.
3. Keep window sills, panes and Frames clean inside and out to avoid the dirt and debris build up from landing on your window glass.
4. Keep the floors swept and vacuumed. Dirty floors get easily swooshed around and the hair, dirt and dust float up and periodically land on the freshly cleaned glass. Keeping the home routinely cleaned and maintained also extends the professionally clean windows.

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