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John T
January 20, 2015

I would like to put in writing how pleased I am with AAA Cleanco, residential and commercial cleaning company. After relocating to Palm Desert, I have finally found a green cleaning company that truly takes pride in their work. I love they they do both my apartment cleaning and office cleaning, inside with their maid services and outside with their power washing. With my previous cleaning service, I was always leaving notes to remind them of certain tasks they were missing. The maids and cleaning staff assigned to do my home and business cleaning always do the little things that show they really care about doing a thorough job like changing light bulbs and light handyman tasks. It's like I've hired a property maintenance company too! And they are always there when I need specialized services too like yard and construction clean up around my building or the time I needed flood damage restoration when my water heater busted. I only wish I had found your services sooner! When my daughter was looking for rental clean up move out cleaning after her roommate left her in the lurch, I gave her your number and feel confident you can get her security deposit back. Thanks again, the Tarkanians

Matias D
January 20, 2015

Great Service!
They are very friendly. I`m very comfortable having them come into my house. I either leave the door open, or I leave a key for them somewhere and when I come home, my house is clean. There`s nothing greater than coming home, everything is where it`s supposed to be.

Jon S
January 20, 2015

When my wife was facing major surgery, I started looking for a housekeeping and maid service company to care for our home in Palm Springs. AAA Cleanco was recommended by my brother as they do the janitorial and medical cleaning at his podiatrist business in La Quinta and he has been more that happy with the office cleaning they provide. It was such a relief for my wife to know she had help while she recuperated, especially with the heavier duty floor cleaning. The house cleaners were efficient and trustworthy and always had a happy demeanor. And now, even though my wife is better and doesn't necessarily need the help anymore, we still use AAA because of the sparkling clean job they do in such a cheerful and pleasant way. I've even had them him me out with some of my manly duties like yard clean up and outside window cleaning! Their power washing service sure beats me trying to climb up a ladder and do it all by hand. If you are looking for any kind of commercial or residential house cleaning service, don't think twice about calling these guys. My brother and I both recommend them! In fact, one of my friends will be calling soon to inquire about his much needed 'bachelor' apartment cleaning.

Yolanda W
January 20, 2015

I had only used AAA Cleanco for commercial cleaning but they always did a fantastic job on all of the building maintenance and upkeep especially the tile and grout cleaning and the vct strip and wax. So when I needed a move in cleaning service, I naturally thought of them. It turns out their residential cleaning is just as good as their office cleaning! They scheduled me in for the next day and a team of 2 cleaners did an awesome job in about 2 hours for a 2 bed/1 bath unit. They did everything from the window washing to the floor cleaning including the carpet shampoo to power washing the outside and even doing the adjoining garage clean up. If you need anything from a one time rental clean up to a weekly business or home cleaning, call these guys!

Tom J
January 20, 2015

Originally what they did was they came and gave me an estimate and they cleaned my house from top to bottom and now they just maintain it. So it`s easier for them, and it`s easy for me. The price is great, they have great products.

Beau M
January 20, 2015

I just booked AAA Cleanco for bi-monthly housekeeping service after trying them out twice and having an exceptional experience each time. The first time was for flood damage restoration in my unit earlier this year before I left for Europe. They got right to work on the water extraction and the quality of their work was outstanding. Their price was really reasonable too, especially with the scope of the water damage repairs needed (it wasn't only the floors, I needed upholstery cleaning too after the base of my sofa got soaked). Afterwards, I kept them on for a few more hours to do a big spring clean and places I never thought would get clean again were sparkling - the apartment cleaners got all the scum off the shower and counter tops and the permanent marker off the wall. The other time I called them out was for commercial cleaning my business in Palm Springs. The office cleaners did a great job, especially on the carpet shampoo and window washing. Anyway, I look forward to seeing them regularly in my home for residential house cleaning and maid services.

Bob C
January 20, 2015

Great. With past cleaning services, I found myself constantly checking their work and managing the crews. With AAA - Cleanco - Palm Desert, I don’t have to worry about that. They are a cut above any other cleaning service I’ve used.

Howell Family
January 20, 2015

Initially we hired AAA Cleanco housekeepers to handle our apartment cleaning before my deployment to take some stress off my working wife and our two kids. One of them had left the sink plugged up when they were trying to help out and the water extraction and flood damage restoration we needed was the last straw. Anyway, I have since returned and we have moved into a bigger house since then, but we chose not to cancel their housekeeping services because they do such a fantastic job. My wife just cannot say enough good things about their green cleaning and maid service and how it has given her more time to relax and spend with our kids while being safe for our family and pets and better for the environment! The house cleaners have kept our house looking immaculate, which is a feat sometimes with our two dogs. I feel like we need constant floor and upholstery cleaning because they shed so much. I have recommended AAA Cleanco to all my friends and coworkers about to deploy as everyone could use residential house cleaning in their lives. My sister is even considering them for the commercial janitorial and office cleaning at her florist business. Their prices are competitive and their service unmatched.

Robert T
January 20, 2015

AAA - Cleanco - Palm Desert has cleaned our offices and front store for over 4 years. Some duties include bathroom cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, and trash. They have flexible hours and clean in the evenings after our store closed.

January 20, 2015

Bravo. We needed our house cleaned because we were having guests over. AAA - Cleanco - Palm Desert did everything we asked for and even other things we did not expect. Bravo we will be regular users.

Jan & Max P
January 20, 2015

Thank you again for coming to our home last Sunday to meet with me and my husband, Max. We really appreciated your instant response and flexibility to take the time to come and meet us on a Sunday... afternoon.

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