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Janitorial Office & Business Cleaning Service

AAA Cleanco is the leading expert in janitorial services. We have been providing La Quinta, Palm Springs, and Palm Desert, California quality cleaning services since 1983. We are a fully licensed and insured family-owned and operated business, looking to provide our valued customers with quality janitorial cleaning services. We understand the ingenuity of commercial buildings and have methodical cleaning techniques to provide businesses with excellent cleaning.

Commercial Business Janitorial Cleaning

For commercial businesses catering to the public, having a clean building is important for client retention. Most business owners or office managers know the hardship of finding a janitorial service that is thorough and meticulous in all duties. AAA Cleanco has experienced professionals eager and passionate to provide superior janitorial cleaning to your business. With our expertise, we have obtained special equipment to sufficiently clean any commercial establishment. Businesses throughout California in the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas have come to rely upon our exceptional janitorial services.

A Clean Business Means Productive Employees

Palm Springs, Palm Desert and La Quinta, CA. commercial businesses that don’t necessarily cater to the public, require equal janitorial services. Employees are more comfortable and have more productivity in well maintained and clean environment. AAA Cleanco janitorial specialists are meticulous and dedicated to ensure your building gets premium cleaning.

Types of Businesses Utilizing our Commercial Cleaning Services

AAA Cleanco commercial janitorial services include buildings such as; Offices, Health Care Facilities, Restaurants, Schools, Fitness Centers, Spas, Salons, Retail, Industrial, Banks, Churches and more. Providing your business with superior janitorial service is our specialty. Floors, offices, restrooms, kitchens, common areas, dusting, trash removal and anything that needs are magical touch will be cleaned efficiently for a healthier, and cleaner building from top to bottom. In any business in the La Quinta, Palm Desert, and Palm Springs, CA, germs and bacteria are easily spread among the public. Ensuring that you get excellent janitorial services to avoid contamination, and reduce passing illnesses around the staff and minimize allergy triggers.

Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurants in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and La Quinta, along with surrounding areas can take advantage of AAA Cleanco professional janitorial services. When the kitchen closes for the day, we get to work. The cleanliness of the kitchen is prudent; quality food needs to be prepared in an efficiently cleaned and sanitized environment. We use our special equipment and our skills and expertise to maximize the premium clean of your kitchen. AAA Cleanco restaurant’s janitorial cleaning services don’t apply to only the kitchen, but the dining area as well. Your patrons don’t see the immaculate kitchen, they are contained to the dining area and with our exceptional cleaning services, your dining area is pristine and ready to cater to your guests.

Professional Janitors & Commercial Cleaners

Businesses choose AAA Cleanco because of our reputable standards. When utilizing our services, we are dependable and consistent with our execution. Our equipment, supplies and products achieve a higher level of clean that you, your employees and your customers will appreciate. AAA Cleanco professionals are flexible and are able to come after hours for convenience, to avoid any intrusions. AAA Cleanco’s number one priority is to guarantee satisfaction to our valued customers. Our professionals are ready to clean your business, and do it quickly and efficiently every time. Call us today!

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