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Residential House Cleaning, Housekeeping & Maid Services

For over three decades AAA Cleanco has been providing house cleaning services to Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and La Quinta California locals. We pride ourselves on providing quality work to our valued clients. We offer general or custom cleaning services to residential homeowners and tenants and offer a variety of options in frequency. Cleaning can be very therapeutic, and our professionals not only enjoy our work, but they have been trained to thoroughly clean and address often neglected locations of a home. AAA Cleanco possesses all necessary credentials to give our customers peace of mind and authenticity.

Housekeeping & Maid Services

Having a clean home is important to most folks. Despite the want for a clean home, some folks cannot afford the time, others do not own the physical capabilities to clean their home, and some merely lack the ambition to take on the duties. No matter the circumstances, it’s nice to know there are trusted professionals itching to satisfy their passions and clean your home for you. That is where AAA Cleanco comes in. Our professionals are eager and exceptional at their work. Daily maintenance cleaning, weekly deep cleans or every now and then deepest cleans, or you may need help with special events or moving in or out cleaning, could be weighing on your mind. We offer generally cleaning duties, or have no issues with providing custom cleaning plans.

Custom House Cleaning Services

AAA Cleanco team members are experienced to clean your home with meticulous detail. Kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned top to bottom, offering a clean, sanitized and deodorized room. Living rooms, bedrooms along with the rest of the rooms receives the same tender, love and care.

Our cleaning regiment can include, but is not limited to the following:
– All surface areas are wiped clean and sanitized.
– Doors, door frames and door handles are wiped clean and free of dust.
– Ceiling fans are dusted.
– Cobweb removals.
– Lamp shades, picture frames, shelves, and decorative displays are dusted and polished.
– Windows, window sills, window ledges and blinds are cleaned.
– Accessible carpets are vacuumed, along with accessible tiled floors are swept and mopped, and hardwood floors are cleaned appropriately.
– Baseboards are dusted.
– Kitchen and bathroom counter tops are cleaned.
– Kitchen appliance exteriors are cleaned.
– Oven cleaning.
– Microwave cleaned.
– Bathroom tiled walls, tubs and showers are cleaned.
– Vanities and sinks are cleaned and tidied.
– Mirrors are polished.
– Toilets are cleaned.
– Stairs are cleaned appropriately.

Cleaning for Healthier Homes

Keeping your home clean isn’t just a more comfortable atmosphere, but it can offer a healthier living lifestyle. Allergens such as; dust, dust mites, pollens, and other pollutants, along with germs, bacteria and even mold need to be cleaned and sanitized to minimize health issues and allergy attacks. AAA Cleanco professionals ensure all areas are cleaned free of particulates that contribute to health concerns.

Residential House Cleaning Services

Experience, training and passion are a recipe for cleaning services that are performed with precision and homes are left in pristine conditions. AAA Cleanco is that and more. Along with our talents, we come equipped with top quality products and equipment to guarantee our work. You will want to have AAA Cleanco contact information stored in your smart phone for rapid requests; we can have a team ready to fulfill your Coachella Valley, Riverside County, California home’s cleaning needs.

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