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Why is Dusting So Important in Rancho Mirage, CA? How to Clean & Remove Dust from Your Home

At least some time throughout the year, more than 50 million Americans have reported experiencing allergies, and the majority of them are actually allergic to dust. Even though dust is constantly collecting around us, dust is not something that you probably have on your mind often. This makes dusting very important. Today, we at AAA Cleanco would like to discuss the importance of dusting your home on a routine basis.

Should I Dust My House Everyday?

Basics of Dust. The particles that collect in our homes is referred the blanketed term for the dust. Generally, dust is made primarily of skin cells. Having skin cells lying all over your house is not something most homeowners want.
Risks of Dust. They can be ingesting up to ten grams of dust per day if you have children that crawl on the floor and put their fingers in their mouths. Especially in homes with carpets, this is putting their immune systems at risk. Allergies, runny noses, itchy eyes, and asthma is caused by dust. Reproductive hormones and brain development can be affected in households that contain a very high amount of dust.
Dust is Unsightly. First impressions of a home covered in dust isn’t usually a high opinion. Settled dust is easily stirred up when you and the other occupants walk around. The dust fluing around into the air can then get into your lungs. By keeping your home free of dust, you can significantly increase your air quality. Dust is made of skin cells, as mentioned, along with bacteria, animal dander, pollen, fungi, and dust mite.
Dust Causing Illnesses. The dust in your home is a allowing the bacteria that might be present can actually make you get sick. A dusty room can contribute to poor breathing if in the event you have asthma. Environmental safety is improved with dusting. Some businesses can cause you to develop something called “sick office syndrome.” It makes workers feel discouraged and even develop an illness with an office that’s not properly cared for with dust sitting around creates a neglectful image. To make you healthier and happier, having a clean working environment helps. The same applies for homes. For the entirety of the time, you’re asleep, even sleeping in a bedroom full of dust can cause you to have to breath it in.

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Dusting actually takes up more time than you might think it would. When you are at work, you know that you can’t leave dangerous dust lying all around your house. When you hire a professional to help control the dust in your home, you want a trustworthy, dependable expert. AAA Cleanco can provide more cleaning than just dusting. You can stop worrying about dust building up in your house and start feeling clean and safe instead from an effective whole-home cleaning to deep cleaning. Call AAA Cleanco today to consult on your home’s cleaning needs. We can answer questions, address concerns, and customize your home’s cleaning. With the expert team keeping your home clean, you can be rest assured a dust-free home can be highly beneficial.

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