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Keeping House Clean with Dogs & Cats in Palm Springs, CA; How to Deep Clean Your Home with Pets

Those with pets often feel that it is impossible to keep their home clean. Dogs and cats bring in dirt and debris from outside and make lovely little messes for you to constantly clean up. Not to mention the little accidents your pets may occasionally have. Where you, as well as many others, may feel like you must give up on maintaining a clean home, AAA Cleanco will share a few tips to help you maintain a clean home regardless of your loving pet’s interference.

How to Keep a House Clean with Cats & Dogs that Shed & Have Accidents

Automatic Vacuum or Smart Vacuums: Dogs and cats are constantly shedding hair just like humans. However when your pets lose their fur, your entire home becomes infested with clumps of hairs. Even the same day after you spent time cleaning and vacuuming your home, new hair is found all over your floor. One answer to this problem is an automatic or smart vacuum cleaner. Often referred to as a robot vacuum cleaner, these little wonders of technology can help maintain clean floors. There are many robot vacuums that are designed for pets. They can hold up to all of the hair and dirt better than other robot vacuums.
Lint Rollers: A lint roller is a great tool for removing pet hair that every pet owner should have. To help for quick hair cleanup, a lint roller does a great job to help pick up and remove pets hair from upholstery, curtains and other fabrics.
Stain Removers: There are times when even the best dog or even cat will have their little accidents inside your home. It is strongly recommended you always keep a stain cleaner on hand to tend to those random accidents your pets may leave behind. When it comes to cleaning any stain on any surface, you want to be able to clean messes as soon as possible. It benefits your home to have access to stain cleaners to ensure you rugs, carpet, upholstery, curtains, and cushions get clean if soiled by your pets.
Mats or Door Rugs: Outdoor mats or rugs can greatly reduce the amount of dirt and debris that comes into your home. For both dog and cats owners, it’s a good idea to have a mat outside the main entrances your pets use. Washable mat are recommended to help clean and remove the dirt it traps with ease. Avoid cloth rugs or mats as they don’t catch as much dirt and are a major pain to clean.
Food Mats: Unfortunately not all pets have the best table manners and can make quite a mess when they are eating or drinking. To help keep the feeding area clean, use a large enough mat to help capture the stray food pieces or water drips from spreading across the floor. Each pet varies in feeding habits. You will need to make the needed adjustments to help contain the mess. Some people will use an old sheet and wash it after each feeding.
Pet Sleeping Areas: Pets often leave a mess around their favorite sleeping areas. You will find clumps of pet hair on their bed or around the areas they like to sleep. Many pet owners will provide a bed for their pets. However, the surrounding area still gets affected. It is recommended to have a cover on their pet bed where it can be removed and taken outside to remove the hair and later washed. The cleaner the pet sleeping area is the cleaner your home.
Bathing Pets: You will find the cleaner your pets are, the cleaner your home will stay. By frequently brushing and bathing your pets, the less hair and dirt they will leave behind. When you keep your pets clean it also helps to maintain not only the hair and dirt, but also prevents fleas or ticks, and dry skin they leave behind. Bathing your pets can help improve your home by staying cleaner and improving the indoor air quality.

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Cleaning after your pets can be difficult and time consuming. If you find you need help maintaining a cleaner home, contact AAA Cleanco for residential and commercial cleaning.

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