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How to Make Your Own Kitchen Cleaning Products in Palm Desert CA; Homemade Sink Scrub & Surface Granite Cleaner

Cleaning is something that most people have to do on a daily basis. Whether you are a single person living alone or you have an entire family to care for, cleaning has to be done. Many people choose to use a schedule to make sure that each area is cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. There are some areas of the home that need to be cleaned on a daily basis because of the amount of living and messes that are made there. If you are a busy on the go family you will still end up in your kitchen preparing and eating at least a meal a day. That means the kitchen has to be cleaned. The kitchen is an important area to clean after each meal to ensure that food is not left out to spoil, bacteria is not left to fester and things such as mold can’t grow. The foods that are stored and prepped in a kitchen are many times harmful if they are left out and get too warm. You can go to any store and purchase cleaning supplies that are good to use on almost any surface in your kitchen. The problem, is that some of these cleaners can have harmful chemicals and they can become expensive. If you want a solution to buying these expensive products it is to make your own household cleaners.

AAA Cleanco lists the ingredients needed to make your own sink scrub and granite countertop spray!

Make Your Own Homemade Sink Scrub: The sink is the place that all your dirty dishes go that are caked with leftover food and other debris. It is also where you wash your dirty hands and much more. The sink can be full of bacteria and debris that is gross and needs to be cleaned off. Once you have the sink cleaned out and the dishes washed you want to scrub out the sink as well. You can use two cups of baking soda, a few drops of lemon extract oil or whatever oil you prefer and about a tablespoon of everyday dish soap. Once you have this scrub it can be used to clean the interior of the sink and get it looking clean as well as free of bacteria and germs.
Make Homemade Surface Granite Cleaner and Polish: Have you ever cleaned your entire kitchen and looked around only to see all those awful streaks on the surface of your granite counters? They are there from whatever cleaner you used to clean them. There are some cleaners that are made specifically for granite but you can use your own simple recipe that will cost you much less. Use a cup and a half of water and add to it about a teaspoon of soap and three tablespoons of rubbing alcohol. This combination will leave the counters clean and also streak free.

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