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What Is The Best Way To Clean Those Hard To Reach Areas In Your Palm Springs CA Home?

When you go to clean your home you probably have some kind of schedule that you follow. Many people do their cleaning and touch up in parts. Most homes are too large to do all the cleaning in one day, especially since most people don’t have time to spend a whole day cleaning. Even if you take care of the main cleaning and keep it up; well there are some areas that most people miss. They stay dirty unless you really think about them and do your best to clean them. The best way to keep up on your household chores is to have your home cleaned professionally on a regular basis. Then you can do all the upkeep in between the regular cleaning.

AAA Cleanco outlines the best way to clean some of the hard to reach areas in your home.

How To Clean The Ceilings: This is an area that is never really thought about but if you look around especially in the corners you are sure to see cobwebs. These cobwebs will continue to collect dust if they are not removed. The best way to clean these areas is to use a vacuum to suck up the cobwebs and clean the corners. Use the attachment hose on the vacuum to reach high up there. You want to also be sure that you use a ladder that is sturdy if your ceilings are high.
How To Clean the Inside and Top of Your Cabinets: If you stand on the counter and look at the top of the cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen, you are going to find a thick layer of dust especially if you have not gotten to this area before. You want to start by using a vacuum that will remove the large majority of the dust and debris. Then take a damp cloth with the appropriate cleaner to finish up the job. The insides of the cabinets should be emptied out and wiped down regularly to ensure there are no crumbs or food left in them that could lead to pest infestations.
Be Sure to Clean Behind The Toilet: One of the areas that is hard to get to is behind the toilet. The bad part about it is that there can be a serious amount of filth in this area and you will want to be sure that it is cleaned appropriately. A standard mop will most likely be too large to get in this area so you need to use a different method. You can use a scrub brush and some gloves to reach the area by hand and scrub away any dirt and buildup that may be behind your toilets.

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