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How to Lessen & Prevent Dust In Your Palm Springs, CA House; Vacuum Carpets, Dust Furniture Regularly & More

Trying to keep your home clean is a process that is never ending. The home, even if you don’t live there, is going to get dirty and need to be cleaned on occasion. A home where a family actually lives a normal life needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. Most people break down the chores of keeping a clean home into different days and what chores they will be doing. Another way to keep a home clean is to hire a professional cleaning service to come and do the major and deep cleaning so that the upkeep is much easier for you. One thing that is an annoyance is the amount of dust that is building up around the house. The dust is a part of everyday life and if all you are doing is cleaning the dust that has settled it is not going to get any easier. You need to have some prevention methods to get rid of the reason that dust is landing all over your home.

AAA Cleanco Lists Ways to Lessen the Amount of Dust that is Flying Around Your House

Change Out Your Air Filters: If your home has a central air conditioning unit installed in the house you are going to have a return air. That is where the air is filtered before it gets recirculated, cooled and sent back to your home. The air should be filtered from all the contaminates, dust, hair and skin flakes. These can cause dust to settle and on the surfaces in your home if you fail to change out the filters on a regular basis. The filters can be purchased at a home improvement store and replaced or you can use a professional HVAC company to come out and change it for you. Having a fresh filter is a great way to keep the dust from coming loose from the filter and sent back to the air that is eventually going to be sent through your home.
Vacuum Your Carpets: Your carpets are a lot like a piece of fabric. You need to use the vacuum to pick up the dust and particles that are going to land on the carpet. Although you really can’t see the dust it is there and the biggest problem is that as you walk around the house and on the carpet the dust is sent up in the air which can then land on the surfaces of your home. You want to run the vacuum on a daily basis and empty the canister or the bag regularly. You can also clean the filters on the vacuum so that it is able to collect the dust instead of stirring it up.
Dust The Furniture: The dust that is settling in the furniture will start to attach to more dust the longer it is able to sit there. That means that you want to dust the furniture with a good microfiber cloth that clings to the dust instead of releasing it in the air.

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