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Best Way to Prepare a Daily, Weekly & Monthly House Cleaning Schedule For In Between Professional Housekeeper Visits in Palm Desert, CA

If you are like most people, you know that housekeeping is a non-stop never ending chore in any home. Having a great house cleaning schedule is a great way to keep up the look and cleanliness of your home in between professional cleanings. It can feel overwhelming to try and keep up with all the chores around a home so making a list of what to do on what days is best. The cleaning is not a once and done situation and it will have to be done again and again. To be sure that your home is cleaned you want to hire a professional to come out and clean the home thoroughly for you and that means that all you need to do is to keep up the cleaning in between the professional cleanings. This already makes it easier but you still need to have a schedule so you know what needs to be done.

AAA Cleanco Outlines What You Can Do To Organize Your Chores & Prepare A Cleaning Schedule.

Make A Master Cleaning List: You want to start with a large list of items that are going to need your attention. This is the best place to start but you need to complete the list by adding how often the cleaning needs to be done on each particular chore. There are some chores that will need attention every day while others will need to be looked at on a weekly or monthly basis. This list is what you will use to prepare the chores and when they need to be done. It can consist of vacuuming floors, cleaning bathrooms, dusting furniture, washing windows, cleaning laundry and any other chores that your particular house is in need of.
Enlist House Cleaners: Whether you live in a home that has a large family or live alone, you need to assess who has the ability to clean and what chores they are able to help with. Children are great at doing many kinds of chores depending on their age and the older and mature the child, the harder a chore they should be able to help with. Make sure that you give each person a series of chores that they can be responsible for and do on a daily or weekly basis. This helps to spread out the work and can make it easier to take care of.
Make A Cleaning Plan: After you have a master list ready and you know who all can help take care of the chores, you are ready to set up a plan. The plan needs to be one that works for you and one list may not work for you but might be great for someone else. You want to take into account the days and what time you have each day available to do the work. If you have a very busy day you want to have lighter chores on the list while the days off have a few of the harder jobs. This is a great way to clean the home and keep it up while waiting for the next professional cleaning appointment.
Schedule Your Professional Maid Services: After you have a plan set to keep the house clean you want to set up a schedule with a professional cleaning company. We will come out and deep clean your home and leave it sparkling clean!

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