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Tips & Checklist for Deep Bathroom, Shower, Bathtub & Floor House Cleaning in Palm Springs, CA

When you go through the list of chores that you have to do to get your home nice and clean one, room that tends to be overlooked or at least not looked forward to is the bathroom. The bathroom in all honesty is not a very clean room based on what happens in there. The room is used by everyone in the home and can get pretty messy and dirty pretty fast. When it comes to cleaning the bathroom you probably think you have just got to get in there and scrub away. That is basically true and to really get the deep cleaning done, it may take even more than that. The tools and cleaning supplies that you use in that particular room may be the same things you use in other areas of the house as well. There are some really great tips on ways you can get the room clean with a little more ease. When you use these tips you can get the job done quicker and with a little more ease.

AAA Cleanco Lists Tips You Can Use When Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom Shower, Bathtub, Floors & More

Clear Out the Bathroom: The best tip there is when cleaning a bathroom of really any size is to get the room all the way cleared out. When you remove all the extra things off the counters including any decorations you are able to see the room better and see what needs to be done. You should remove the rugs, rags and decorative towels as well as any products that you use in the room such as soaps and hair products. Once the room is all cleared out you can clean each area without having to stop to move items out of your way.
Wash Towels & Rugs: Once you have everything removed from the room you may want to wash the rugs and towels so they are ready to put back in when the room is cleaned. Take them and load them into the washing machine on an appropriate setting. When they come out you can hang the rugs out to dry before laying them in the nice clean bathroom.
Clean the Shower & Bathtub: The scum that builds up on the shower doors is one of the hardest things to clean inside a bathroom. The scum seems to be stuck on pretty good and nothing will take it off. You don’t have to give up on this task. You can use a fabric softener sheet to wash away any scum. Get the shower wet and use the sheet to wipe away the scum. It will easily clean off the thick build up and have it ready to be washed. You can follow up with a regular cleaning product and wash cloth leaving the door sparkling like new.
Clean Shower Heads, Toilet & Other Area with Vinegar: When you are ready to clean a toilet or counters or even the hard water on your shower head, vinegar is your best friend. You can use the vinegar to soak your shower head or spray on the counter to remove rings and stains. It will also help to disinfect the room but you will want to air it out after the cleaning is done.

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