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How to Keep Excessive Dust Out of Your Banning, CA House & Get Rid of it Floating in the Air

The chores that have to be done in your house are endless. There is always a mess to clean because you live there. You are going to use the house on a daily basis and so is your family. The chores are something that if you don’t have a good schedule and handle on the mess can get out of control quickly. There are some aspects of cleaning your house that seem to taunt you and are a problem on a consistent basis. Dust in the house is a problem because it seems like it comes from nowhere but happens to land on every surface in the house. There are some ways that you can help to reduce the amount of dust that is plaguing your home.

AAA Cleanco Explains Why There is So Much Dust in Your House & How to Prevent it from Entering

Change Your Air Conditioning Filters: If you are worried about dust in your house you want to try and stop it from floating around. The best way to do that is to look at the filter that is used to trap these dust particles in your house. The filter is part of the HVAC system and is inserted where you have a return air. The passage way is closed off with a filter that over time will collect these particles. The filter is something that will grab what it can from the air as it is circulated but if it is too clogged the dust will get through and go back in the air. That is why it is important when controlling dust to change out the filters often.
Wash Sheets, Blankets & Bedding: When you have a problem with dust that is covering your house also need to deal with one area that it accumulates. Your bedding and sheets are a definite problem area. Your skin cells, hair and other particles slough off your body at night and when you agitate the sheets it will get in the air. It is a great idea to make sure that you have your sheets washed on a weekly basis. You can pull them off the bed in the morning and start a load. Then change them out when you get home from a few errands.
Run Vacuum Often: When you work on cleaning dust out of your house you work on the areas that you can see the dust. This means the bookshelves, cabinets, televisions, and more. The dust lands and shows off on hard surfaces but that is not the only area that dust settles. Your carpets and flooring are a huge area that dust will settle but it is hard to see. That is why you may overlook it. Run your vacuum on a regular basis to collect the dust that is landing on the ground. This will help stop the dust from getting back in the air. You also need to be sure that you clean out the vacuum, empty the canister and shake out the filters.

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