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How to Clean Disgusting Yellow Bathtub & Other Bathroom Stains in Coachella Valley, CA

It seems to happen before we realize it, no matter how diligent our cleaning duties are fulfilled, the better we are at ensuring the bathrooms are cleaned in detail and the longer the effects are prolonged, but almost overnight, we suddenly notice the stains that have subtly crept in and are now riddling our bathrooms. You walk in the bathroom and there is a ring in the bathtub in addition to the one you noticed in the toilet, and the other stains are popping out at you. No matter how much you scrub, your efforts are not improving the issues. With that in mind, we at AAA Cleanco would like to offer some solutions to those common bathroom stains.

How to Clean Bathtub, Toilet & Other Bathroom Stains

How to Get Rid of Yellow Stains in Bathtub: The bathtub ring and the hard water mineral deposits found around the fixtures, faucet, and even the drain is fairly common. Where you may think these surfaces are getting cleaned with the average bathroom cleaner, the layers of the deposits slowly build up until one day it is obvious. The drain, faucet, and fixtures need to be treat with a solvent that is specifically designed to remove the limescale deposits. To reach the small crevices, a toothbrush designated for cleaning can be very effective. To clear the ring out of the tub, you need to use a cleaner designed for your tub. For example, porcelain tubs can be cleaned with a generous sprinkling of an abrasive cleaner and scrub with a nylon brush. Bathroom surface cleaners are usually sufficient for tubs with an enamel, but they need to be cleaned with cleaners that do not contain bleach. For maximum results for an acrylic tub, frequent routine cleanings are crucial, as they require more maintenance than other types of tubs. A nylon brush can scrub out these tubs well enough and a hot water and mild dish soap is adequate if you do not have an acrylic specific cleaner.
How to Clean Brown Stains from Toilets: Toilets are the most susceptible to staining and the yellow rings near the rim, and brownish stains at the bottom are very common. A contributor to these stains are also the hard water mineral deposits. Turn off the water valve, flush the toilet to clear out the water and if any lingers behind, use a plunger to help it down the drain. Use your favorite all-purpose cleaner to completely saturate the bowl and use a hard-nylon bristled brush to scrub; avoid wire brushes as they can scratch the porcelain. After you have effectively removed the stains, turn the water valve back on and to rinse out the remnants, conduct a courtesy flush. Scrub your toilet well weekly to avoid stains and for more efficient results, brush out the bowl after every use as well.
Tile & Grout Cleaning: Sometimes stains derive from the soap scum, mildew and mold buildup on the grout. Keeping your tile and grout maintained on a weekly basis can help you avoid these stains and a quick wipe down after you use the shower and backsplash will help significantly. Find a tile and grout cleaner that is specifically designed to cut through mildew and mold and read the label to ensure it is safe to use on your type of tile and grout. Follow the directions for optimal results.

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In the event the bathroom’s stains are overwhelming or the stains are still a challenge for you, call AAA Cleanco and our specialists will assess the stains and see what optimal solutions we can do to get your bathroom sparkling clean and free of stains!

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