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Areas in the Home that Cause Indoor Allergies in Riverside County, CA; Carpets, Bedding & More

When you suffer from allergies, you often seek out a sanctuary for some relief which is in most cases, your home. However when you still suffer from allergies inside your home it’s because there are a number of areas inside that contain and hold on to the contaminants that are triggering your allergies. If you are at a loss and aren’t sure which areas are causing you to have chronic allergies, AAA Cleanco will help identify those places and give you advice on how to make your home a refuge from allergies.

Why Are My Allergies Worse Indoors?

Carpets and Rugs – One of the top culprits inside your home that causes allergies is carpet and rugs. Due to the nature of the carpet material, the fibers can hold and even trap outdoor and indoor contaminants. Other additional sources of allergens in carpets are dust mites. One of the most coveted environments for dust mites is inside carpets, rugs and furniture. Dust mites leave behind dead skin flakes along with fecal matter which is often breathed in and causes allergies. It is important to help reduce contaminants in carpets and rugs by regularly vacuuming them. Make sure you vacuum in different directions to loosen the fibers and suck up most of the trapped contaminants inside the carpet. Additionally carpets should be deep cleaned about every 3 to 6 months.
Light Fixtures – One place that often gets overlooked is ceiling fans and light fixtures. Light fixtures and fans accumulate a lot of dust and other pollutants. As the HVAC unit or the ceiling fans run they disturb the dust. The airborne dust particles distributed through the air are breathed in. This will obviously trigger allergies. To properly clean light fixtures, use a vacuum to suck the majority of the dust then wipe them clean with a damp cleaning cloth to prevent airborne pollutants from getting into your home.
Bedding & Mattresses – Both the bedding and mattresses are filled with dead human skin, hair and other bodily fluids that together, creates the prefect recipe for allergies. Dust mites also infest mattresses. Because of the number of contaminates that our bedding and mattresses are exposed to, you will want to clean them often. Bedding should be washed with hot water and high heat once a week. Mattresses should be vacuumed and disinfected about every three months.
Mold & Mildew Growth – Places where mold and mildew grow contribute greatly to indoor allergens. Not only does mold and mildew cause allergies, they can also lead to serious illnesses as well. Places such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room need to be kept clean and organized. They should be regularly treated for mold. Additionally, look for areas with broken or leaking pipes which also lead to mold growth. Treating mold can easily be done with bleach. For those who find bleach to harsh, there are other cleaners that can kill and stop mold growth. However it is best to keep these areas as open and organized as possible to make it easier to clean and spot mold.

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If you suffer from allergies and get no relief inside your home, consider contacting a professional cleaning service. AAA Cleanco can clean and rid your home of indoor allergies and provide you with a sanctuary especially during allergy season. For all of your commercial and residential cleaning needs, contact AAA Cleanco today.

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