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Best Ways for How to Keep House Clean & Organized with Toddler or Newborn in Indio, CA

The day is usually quite hectic with everyone getting up, eating breakfast and rushing out the door for school or work. The daily routine can often times leave the house untidy and in need of some cleaning. Now add little ones that are home all day with nowhere to go. The daily life of a toddler revolves around snacks, diaper changes, meals, sleeping and of course more snacks. That will end up leaving your house in disarray at the end of the day. You can also add to the mess backpacks, shoes and purses when the rest of the family get home too. When you feel like all hope has been lost there are some tips and tricks that can help you keep it all together during the day.

AAA Cleanco Lists Tips to Help Keep Your House Clean When Kids Are Home

Handheld Vacuum to Clean Crumbs: One of the most common complaints of moms at home with small kids is that there are crumbs in every single crack and surface of the house. The little ones seem to wander everywhere with their cup of snacks. Even if they are not eating snacks they seem to have an endless supply of crumbs on their hands and clothes. As they walk around they leave a trail just in case you need to know where they have been. The best way to combat this problem is to have a handheld vacuum ready to go. This is a much easier way to get those crumbs fast rather than pull out the full size vacuum.
Sit Child in Highchair or Booster Seat to Control Mess: The next thing that you can do to keep your house under control is to keep the crumbs under control. This may sound like an impossible task but it can be done. If you are ready to feed a meal or snack it is best to leave your high chair in the same spot with a mat under it. They are easy to move and can be left in an area that you can keep an eye on the child without letting them wander around the house. The high chair is your friend and should be used as often as you possibly can.
Protect Couch & Furniture from Kids: Their messy little hands will touch everything and so will there face that can have all sorts of mess on it. There is no way to walk around and wipe their runny nose or wash those hands all the time so what you can do is to cover the areas that concern you most. First you can use a blanket during the day to cover your couch. This will reduce the amount of mess that is on the couch and you can throw the blanket in the wash at the end of the day. You can also purchase play tiles that can be assembled easily for the play time and this can protect your carpet. They can be wiped down and sanitized at the end of the day.

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