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How to Keep a House Clean in Palm Desert CA Between Professional Maid Services & Housekeeping Cleaning Visits

If you want to try and keep your house clean, the best way to make sure that it happens is to have a schedule that works for you. If you start a cleaning program that is not realistic to your daily schedule and the amount of time that you have to spend cleaning then it will not last. Spring is known for its spring cleaning which is a great way to get all your winter stuff packed up and the dusky smells out! The winter leaves you closed up and the spring weather is so nice that you can open windows and doors and that makes you want to get cleaning. After you tackle the major spring cleaning you want to look into a cleaning program that works for you. To keep it all up and the house looking great, call a house cleaning professional to get deep dirt cleaned on a regular basis.

AAA Cleanco has a cleaning program broken down into five days and what you should do each day.

Day One Cleaning: The day of the week that you start with does not matter just commit to that being day one and keeping your cleaning goals in sight. The first day of the program you can take down the bedding and wash all the sheets and blankets. There will be time in between the loads of laundry to do some straightening up in the rooms. At the end of the day, put the blankets back on and your chores for the day are done!
Day Two Cleaning: This is a great day to tackle the bathrooms. If you are starting your five day program at the beginning of the week this is a great time to clean ad scrub the bathrooms. The toilet, showers and sinks need a good scrub to get anything off that may be there since the last professional house cleaning.
Day Three Cleaning: This day should be set aside to dust the house and run the vacuum. You want to go through and dust all the picture frames, mirrors as well as shelves and other wood furniture pieces. This will help the pieces from collecting more dust and should look good throughout the rest of the week. Also take the vacuum around the house and do a good once over on all the carpets.
Day Four Cleaning: This is the day to do some regular laundry and mop any hard floor surfaces. The laundry can be changed out every hour or so depending on your particular washer and dryer. This leaves some time to take care of each area of hard flooring so that you can sweep and mop the areas.
Day Five Cleaning: This is kitchen day! Take some time to clean the microwave out, the stove top and the counters. You can also go through the refrigerator and remove any old leftovers that needs to be thrown out.
Doing this program will help to keep your home looking nice, neat and clean while you are in between your regular cleaning service by a professional.

AAA Cleanco offer full service whole home cleaning and janitorial services in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Coachella Valley & Riverside County California.

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