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How to Clean & Remove Hard Water Spots from Glass & Windows in Your La Quinta CA Home

Have you ever gotten out of the shower and noticed those pesky hard water spots on your shower door? What about the same spots on your windows around your home. Do you know that they are from? They are spots that are caused from hard water which is water that is filled with sediment. That sediment will dry on your walls and windows and leave behind a spot when the water evaporates or dries. The spots are actually hard to remove especially if you let it sit for too long. You can eliminate these spots all together by installing a water softener in your home which works to remove the hard water and will leave less spots on your showers and bathrooms. This won’t do much good for water that is hitting your windows but it will take away some of the problems.

AAA Cleanco lists ways you can remove hard water spots from your windows and showers.

Use Water and Vinegar to Remove Hard Water Spots: This is an easy and cheap way to remove hard water spots from your windows and showers. You can take a bucket and dilute down the vinegar with equal parts water. You can then take the mixture and put it in a spray bottle so that you can easily apply it to the area that needs to be treated. Then use a washcloth to clean away the spots and wipe away the mixture as well. Then you can use whatever standard cleaning method you have to touch up the streaks.
Best Cleaner for Hard Water Stains: You can go to some home improvement stores and look for the aisle where they sell cleaners. They make a cleaner that is for hard water spots and can be used on most surfaces. It is usually high in hydrochloric acid so you need to take a little more care when using it to clean. You will need to wear clothes to protect your skin from the chemicals.
How To Prevent Hard Water Spots: You can try to prevent hard water spots from setting in on your windows and shower stalls by wiping away the water after you get it wet. This can be after you take a shower or after the sprinklers have gone off and gotten a window wet. Wiping away the water also takes away the sediment that is usually left behind to cause the spots.

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