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How to Clean & Keep Dust Levels Down or Excessive Dust Out of Your House in Palm Springs CA; De-Cluttering & Regular Housekeeping!

Dust is something that is floating in the air and landing on our shelves all day long. The dust is so light that it is easily moved around with a bit of wind or someone walking past. Dust can contribute to allergies and asthma and can leave your house looking less clean than you probably want it to. If you are not addressing some of the reasons for all the dust in your home you are simply wiping away dust only to have it settle right back down in a matter of minutes. It will slowly build as the day wears on and you will come home to dust covered surfaces.

AAA Cleanco lists ways you can help to keep dust out of your home.

Closet Clutter Solutions: When you go to your closet to remove a piece of clothing you are kicking up the dust that is settling on the items you have not worn in days. The best thing to do is to bag or place in a sealable container any items that you are not using right away. Dust will be kept off the items.
How Often Should You Clean Your Sheets & Blankets?: Clean your bedding once a week. Your bedding is home to a main contributor of the dust in your home. That is skin cells. When your skin flakes off it is often times in your bedding and when you make the bed or even move around on the bed you are sending those flakes off into the air. Clean your sheets and make your bed with fresh sheets each week to help eliminate the dust.
Circulate the Air: You can use the air conditioner’s fan setting when trying to eliminate the dust in your home. The AC unit has a setting for a fan that you can switch to on. This will keep the air circulating and remove much of the dust that is flying around. When you run a vacuum you are kicking up dust that has settled on the floors and the fan can help to remove some of that dust.
Clean Dust With The Right Tools: You want to make sure that when you are cleaning dust you are picking it up and not just spreading it around in the air. Never use a dry rag to wipe away dust. This will only send it flying. Use a damp cloth or a cleaning towel that is made to collect the dust.
Hire A Professional House Cleaner: A great way to get your entire home clean in one day and get you a leg up on the upkeep is to hire a professional house cleaner to come out. They house cleaner will be able to remove the dust and clean the rest of the home then you are only required to do some upkeep until the next scheduled appointment.

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