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How Often Should My Office Be Cleaned Daily in Palm Springs, CA? What is Included in a Deep Clean?

Keeping the office clean is important to help keep the workplace healthy and reduce sickness. It is frequently asked, how often does the office actually need to be cleaned? When cleaning an office there is basic or routine cleaning, and then there is a deep cleaning. To better know how and when to have the office cleaned to ensure a healthy work environment, AAA Cleanco will share how often you should have your office cleaned.

How Often to Professionally Clean an Office?

An office is best kept cleaned, not just to promote a more productive environment, but a healthier one. When you want to determine how often to clean your office, it depends on what you want. If you are referring to basic cleaning then it is highly recommended that the office is cleaned daily. If you want the office deep cleaned, then that service should be scheduled once a month or once every two weeks. To better understand how to schedule the different types of cleanings, it helps to know what you get with regular or deep office cleaning.

How Do You Clean Office Daily?

To ensure the office is clean and stays clean, you will want a cleaning crew to come and clean the office every day. With a regular cleaning, your will get sanitizing of all surfaces, dusting, and the floors are cleaned. All areas of the office will be cleaned such as the office furniture, door knobs, bathrooms, recreational or kitchen areas and more. It is important that all surfaces are disinfected, including those surfaces most often touched by multiple people. With the entire office building being kept clean and sanitized, you will ensure the office is always clean and healthy which is why an office should have a regular cleaning every day.

What are Deep Office Cleaning Tasks?

A deep office cleaning involves much of the same basic cleaning but adds additional cleaning services. Carpets can be shampooed and cleaned, windows washed, tile or VCT floors waxed or polished, and other more detailed cleaning needs. An office should receive the necessary deep cleaning to extend the life of the various elements of the office. When a specialty cleaning machine or equipment is needed, this usually falls under deep cleaning. An office often only needs a deep cleaning about every two weeks to once a month.

Scheduling Your Office Cleaning

A cleaning service has flexible hours. Often a cleaning service can be scheduled to come and clean the building every day, either before or after primary work hours. A flexible cleaning schedule can help the office worker not have to move or work around the cleaning crew. You can schedule a deep or regular office cleaning how ever often you need and find the time for your office.

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An office is a place that demands to be kept cleaned and most importantly, sanitized. With both routine or regular cleaning, along with a deep cleaning, the office will be more organized and of course free of germs and viruses. To combat the spread of COVID-19 and other seasonal cold and flus, make sure to schedule your office cleaning. For quality commercial and residential cleaning services, contact AAA Cleanco today.

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