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How Do You Deep Clean a Bathroom like a Professional in La Quinta, CA; Tips for Cleaning Toilet, Sink Tub & More

When it comes to cleaning your bathrooms it’s probably not your favorite chore to do. But when you do it, you want to make sure you do it correctly. Make sure you get all the bacteria away and clean it so there’s no scum or dirt there. AAA Cleanco wants to help you know and learn how to clean your bathroom correctly.

Declutter Bathroom

Before you start to deep clean the bathroom you need to first surface clean, meaning declutter it. You can start by cleaning off the counter and along the tub. Put away toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, makeup, and shampoo. Anything that does not belong on the counter or along the tub needs to be put away.

Deep Clean Bathtub

After you have decluttered then you should move to the tub. If you have not cleaned your tub in a while it will start to get dirt and scum around the edges. Your tub needs to be scrubbed to get it cleaned again. But one thing you need to know is that there are different types of tubs. What kind of tub do you have, acrylic, porcelain, or fiberglass?
Acrylic Bathtub – If you have an acrylic tub then you should not use any harsh chemicals. If you do, you are risking the finish on your tub going dull. Instead, the best way to get rid of the scum is to do one part dish soap and one part baking soda, with just a few drops of lemon juice. Put it on your tub and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then clean with a wet sponge and spray it down with water.
Porcelain or Fiberglass Bathtub – A great cleaning solution you can use on porcelain and fiberglass can be found in your home. For porcelain use two parts vinegar, and one part water. For fiberglass use one part vinegar, and one part water. You can put both of them in a spray bottle and spray your tub. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then scrub it with a damp sponge. With many cleaning products, you will find that letting it sit for some time will make it easier and clean it better.

Clean Shower

If you have a shower tub combo, then clean the shower with the same products you use for the tub. Spraying to wet the walls down will help with the cleaning process. If you have a curtain on the tub/shower take it off and throw it in the washing machine to clean. If you just have a shower that has a door with glass then make sure you use a squeegee to clean that shower door with the cleaning product you are using. When it comes to a shower you also need to clean the showerhead. How do you do that? Get a grocery bag, fill it with vinegar, tie it to the showerhead so the vinegar is on the showerhead, let it sit overnight, remove it in the morning and do a light scrub and your showerhead should be cleaned.

Best Way of Cleaning the Toilet

When you first start cleaning the toilet we recommend you dust or vacuum the outer part of the toilet first. This will get the dust and hairs away easier than when they are wet. Then unscrew the toilet lid and take it off. This will help clean the little parts of the toilet lid. You can use a pumice stone to remove the stains. In the toilet, you can use a baking soda mix and use a brush to clean.

Best Bathroom Sink Cleaner

Your sink is actually grosser than your toilet. It has the most bacteria. So, when you are cleaning your sink make sure you use disinfectant wipes. Then you can use vinegar and baking soda mix and let it sit for 20 minutes and then wipe it down with water.

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Cleaning your bathroom can be a lot of work, so leave it to the professionals. We can come in and do all the work for you. Give AAA Cleanco a call. We will come in and clean your bathroom the correct way and save you time and energy.

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