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Get the Urge to Spring Clean in Palm Desert, CA; How to Motivate Yourself to Do House Cleaning

Being overwhelming to say the least, the amount of clutter in the lives of approximately 54% of Americans. To help control the clutter, enhance storage options, and find alternatives for keeping the home more organized, many people spend time and effort looking for ways as a result. To make the house less overwhelmed with the clutter, spring cleaning is an annual chore many of tackle, begrudgingly. There are ways you can make the spring cleaning more fun to reach your goals of decluttering, becoming more organized, and having the space you need for more important things, though it can be a daunting task. Considering this, we at AAA Cleanco would like to share a few tips for getting the spring cleaning done with some fun to get the family motivated to help you.

How to Get Motivated to Clean Your House

Turn Clutter into Cash. Collect a vacation fund by transforming the clutter into cash. To help contribute to a vacation, selling the clutter in garage sells or online can give you a good start. A vacation where the family trip will be the reward for a job well-done can help get the family involved to reach a dollar amount.
Sell Used Toys. With the toys that have been outgrown, you can better accomplish this goal by researching second hand prices. After picking 5 or so toys you know they can see how much can be contributed, you can show them how much money can be earned. You can always tell them the funds can go to their wish list items should nothing for the vacation fund.
Scavenger hunts through decluttering. Create a list of categories, like shirts, books, shirts, toys, or other such items in the room where each family member needs to find the loot belonging in each of those categories. No matter if it is an item from their wish list, the first to do so is a winner, and you can determine the prize, such as their choice of dinner.
Swap Old for New. Consider a clutter-free edition of let’s make a deal. If they find two to five items to part with, have an exchange of something new for the kiddos. Smaller items like a coloring book, or small insignificant toy can get you started. You can start with bigger items if you want after you have established the game.
Cleaning Prizes. A prize can be won. You can divide the decluttering areas by either individually or split into teams and the team that does the most in a day gets to select their favorite restaurant or ice cream shop. To clean stay on task with the spring cleaning, this tactic can help keep the kids stay motivated.
Music Helps Clean! Get ready the playlist. To promote high-energy and keep you engaged, motivational songs can help. You can tell the family they have to stop what they are doing and have a dance off when a specific artist plays with their song, every 30 minutes or so. Everyone gets back on task and keeps up with their assignments once the song comes to an end.

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It can really help start fresh and keep your home better organized and clean though spring cleaning can be challenge for you and especially the kids. The experts of AAA Cleanco can when you need assistance with your home cleaning. Call us today!

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