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Spring Cleaning Tips in Palm Springs, CA; Window Washing, Dusting, Vacuuming, Mopping & More

Maybe because we’re so ready to welcome in the warmer weather and change of season, we all want to get a jump on spring cleaning. This is the best time of year to start preparing for the end of winter and the beginning of spring. With this in mind, we at AAA Cleanco would like to offer some suggestions on focusing your cleaning for early spring cleaning.

How Do You Do Spring Cleaning Effectively?

Window Washing. As you begin to open curtains and panes again, you will want fresh, clean spaces, whether you sealed windows and doors for the winter or not. Before cleaning the glass, wipe down the windowsills and tracks. Cleaning them inside will have you letting in the bright sunlight as soon as it starts coming around, even if you want to wait until the weather is a little warmer to do the outside. Also, look for other glass surfaces that could use a cleaning, such as mirrors, appliances or cabinets, and curios while you are cleaning glass.
Decluttering Storage. Consider the stuff you simply did not need right now such as winter holiday decorations, winter clothes, sleds, shovels, and those winter items. Keep in mind that this lends itself to natural sorting and throwing away. Consider fixing them or trashing them for any damaged stuff. You will also want to take the opportunity to evaluate what is worth taking out next year and so on. If any possessions are in still good condition, you can sell them or donate them.
Patio Pressure Washing. Now may be the time to bring furniture back into the space and get it cleaned up since your patio or porch was most likely closed for the season. Before you do bring everything back to the patio, assess the condition of the patio, if it needs any repairs, maintenance, sealing, or painting, this might be a good time to get it checked off the list. Any pests now who are likely dormant still from the cold as well as debris should be swept off the patio. Ensure the patio free from any cobwebs, wasp nests, and debris.
Floor Cleaning. Floors often need some extra care following the harsh, messy winter months. It is best to get a deep clean from a professional cleaning service. Otherwise, make sure to sweep, vacuum, and mop. A deep clean will get up that hidden dirt and grime, whether it is for carpet or hard surfaces.
Closet Clearing. It may be time to donate them to someone who can put them to use if there are clothes or items you have not used in a year. It is time to switch out the wardrobe, making closets a great area to tackle now, because the change in season and temperature is upon us. Organizing your closet can have a big impact on how you feel, and there is nothing wrong with getting a jump on it.

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Ultimately, maintaining a clean home have both physical and mental health benefits. If you lack ambition, the physical demand, or simply do not have a lot of time to maintain a clean room, professional services are available. When you need cleaning on a routine basis, or just need help to get the home organized and in order, the professionals of AAA Cleanco can help.

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