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Tips for a Successful Professional House Cleaning Service Visit in Palm Springs, CA; Communication & More

When you hire a cleaning company to help keep your home clean, there are ways you can help enhance and get more out of your cleaning service. As many people find they need help having their home cleaned, it only makes sense to get the most out of your house cleaning. If you had or have just begun using a cleaning service and want to make sure you are getting the most out of your service, AAA Cleanco will share a few tips on how to enhance and aid you when it comes to your cleaning crew.

Communication in Housekeeping

When you hire a cleaning company to help clean your home and it is the first time you have them in your home, be ready to do a walk-through of the entire home. You will want your cleaning crew to get to know your home and your cleaning needs. The walk-through is the best time to share any special needs or concerns you have in your home. If you need an area of the home to receive extra attention, share that with your cleaning service. In some cases there are areas that the homeowner may not want the staff to enter. For those with an at-home office often the homeowner doesn’t want the office messed with or they only want minimal cleaning done. Every home is unique and it is best for the homeowner to communicate the specific needs, any off-limit areas, and etc.

Cleaning Company Limitations & Challenges

Most cleaning services will have their limits as to what they clean. For example, most cleaning companies will not do dishes, wash or put away the laundry. The more personal elements of your home is left to the homeowner. A cleaning service will do ceiling to floor dusting, cleaning and sanitizing. A cleaning service often provides appliance cleaning inside and out, as well as window cleaning. The entire home will be cleaned but the homeowner will want to make it easier on the cleaning service and have toys, laundry and dishes cleaned and put away.

Household Cleaning Supplies

Most cleaning companies will come with a number of different cleaning supplies and will have access to certain types of cleaning equipment. However, some equipment and supplies will need to be provided by the homeowner. Often a cleaning service will rely on the homeowner’s vacuum cleaner, garbage bags that fit your size of trash containers, and some other basic cleaning supplies. When hiring a cleaning service make sure to ask what cleaning supplies they have or what you need to provide and where they are located.

Keep Kids & Pets Away from House Cleaners

A cleaning service can be very efficient if you give them their space. Keeping younger children and pets away can be very helpful. It is hard to work safely around pets and children. As the homeowner, it is recommended that you keep the pets and children away from the cleaning staff. You can take pets out for a walk or allow your children and pets in the back yard to play.

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These tips can ensure your home receives a detailed and thorough cleaning and get it done in a timely fashion. For quality house cleaning services, contact AAA Cleanco today.

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