• AAA Cleanco

Howell Family

January 20, 2015

Initially we hired AAA Cleanco housekeepers to handle our apartment cleaning before my deployment to take some stress off my working wife and our two kids. One of them had left the sink plugged up when they were trying to help out and the water extraction and flood damage restoration we needed was the last straw. Anyway, I have since returned and we have moved into a bigger house since then, but we chose not to cancel their housekeeping services because they do such a fantastic job. My wife just cannot say enough good things about their green cleaning and maid service and how it has given her more time to relax and spend with our kids while being safe for our family and pets and better for the environment! The house cleaners have kept our house looking immaculate, which is a feat sometimes with our two dogs. I feel like we need constant floor and upholstery cleaning because they shed so much. I have recommended AAA Cleanco to all my friends and coworkers about to deploy as everyone could use residential house cleaning in their lives. My sister is even considering them for the commercial janitorial and office cleaning at her florist business. Their prices are competitive and their service unmatched.

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