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How to Organize Christmas Decorations in Palm Desert, CA; Cleaning, Packing & Storing Holiday Ornaments, Wreaths, Lights, Garlands & Decor

Preparing your home for the holidays is always a fun treat. Bringing down the storage bins and discovering forgotten treasures pertaining to the holiday you celebrate is truly an event many look forward to. Putting away the decorations, however, is another story. No matter if you celebrate Chanukah or Christmas, or something in between, tucking away the holiday decor, cleaning, and getting your home back in everyday order can seem overwhelming. Where the sweeping, dusting and cleaning might seem second nature, figuring out how to store your decorations for another year might be a challenge.

Tips for Cleaning & Organizing Christmas Decorations

We at AAA Cleanco would like to offer some tips and advice on for organizing, cleaning, and storing your holiday décor.
1. Artificial tree storage. For those who opted out of live trees to avoid the sappy, needle mess, investing in an artificial tree is well worth it, especially if you take steps to properly maintain and store your tree, they can last for quite a few years. What you have to remember is that artificial trees are heavy, and for those that attempt to do this project alone, you might find you are using muscles not normally used. Tuck your tree in an artificial tree storage bag and tuck it in a safe place in the garage where it is out of the way and not exposed to any potential harm. For ease, some storage bags are equipped with wheels, especially beneficial for those who put everything away alone.
2. Tangle-free light storage. Detangling lights is probably the worst part about holiday decorating. Taking the added time to straighten out each strand is time better spent making the home cozy. Look for the tangle-free storage cases that make rolling the lights a breeze, or if you are on a budget or under time constraints, use heavy duty coat hangers to help keep the tangled lights a distant memory. If you use hangers, a nice tip is place a sheet of cardboard in between the layers to further organize your lights, and to hinder the entanglement.
3. Ornament storage. With the many options you have to store your ornaments, finding the one most suited for your circumstances is breeze. Boxes and chests are good old fashion bubble wrap is ideal and can be stored easily. A helpful suggestion to make organization, and the following year simpler, is to print out the contents of the ornaments onto an index card, and tape them to the exterior storage case for easy identification.
5. Villages & collectibles. If possible, store all fragile decorations in their original boxes, with their Styrofoam casing. Be sure to stack the heaviest on the bottom of the bin and the lightest on top. If original boxes have been tossed or deteriorated with time, wrap them up in bubble wrap, and do not over group them in boxes.
4. Gift wrapping paraphernalia. Obtaining a hanging organizer, or a roll under the bed storage kit where it easy accessible might be your preference for those that need to wrap up gifts all year long. Keeping everything conveniently together helps avoid the searching game.
6. Utilize elevated storage space. There are elevated storage kits available that can help you store your bins and boxes out of the way without sacrificing floor or shelf space. These kits are often associated with garage spaces.
7. Store the extras. Pick up a storage box and organize the extra hooks, zip ties, ornament repair parts, and other little related goodies for easy finding and tidy storage.
8. Fabric décor. Vacuum storage bags are a great way to store holiday fabrics such as; tree skirts, table clothes, chair covers, stockings, and other such holiday décor constructed of fabrics.

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