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How to Keep Your Palm Desert CA Home Clean, Tidy & Organized All the Time; Hire a Professional Housekeeper & Maid Service!

Secrets to Keeping a Clean House

If you don’t have your house cleaned and organized or you don’t have a live in cleaning technician, it can seem overwhelming to clean your home and keep it that way. When the mess in your home gets too out of hand the amount of time that it takes to get it clean and the motivation to start can be hard. Cleaning a home is a great way to feel ready for your day and keep you motivated to succeed. There are some great ways to keep your home clean in between your regularly scheduled professional cleanings.

AAA Cleanco Lists Ways To Keep Your Coachella Valley CA House Clean & Tidy; Even Working Full Time With Kids & Pets in the Home!

Schedule Daily House Cleaning For The Week: This is a great way to get to each of the chores that need to be done in your home on a regular basis. Making a schedule is a great way to set up what days you are going to tackle jobs like laundry, dusting, bathrooms and kitchens. All the major tasks will be taken care of throughout the week and that will be good enough to get you to the following week.
Get Dressed For Housekeeping: This may seem silly but it is a great way to feel ready to start the chores. If you get ready in your regular everyday clothes you may be inclined to forfeit the chores so that you don’t make a mess of your outfit. You should start off the chores by getting out your apron and gloves and changing into clothes that are best suited to cleaning. You can also tie back your hair if it is long and gets in the way.
Organize and Invest In House Cleaning Supplies: If you have all the proper tools to do the cleaning in your home and it is organized neatly, it becomes easier to do. Be sure to replace any cleaners or tools as they run out or break. Have in your arsenal the cleaners that work best for the surfaces in your home and the tools that are used in each room. You can have them organized in a tote that can be kept in that particular room or area.
Stay On Task With Your Maid Services: The best way to keep motivated to clean is to schedule the time out just like you would if you had an appointment with a doctor. Set some time each day that is sufficient to the chores that are scheduled. Make sure you don’t have any distractions like TV shows, phone calls or friends stopping by. Once you start stay on task until you are done. Then you can move on to your day and enjoy.
Hire A Professional House Cleaning Company: The best way to keep your home clean is to hire a professional cleaning company to get the main cleaning done. You can keep the house kept up easier if the main work is done for you.

AAA Cleanco offers full service house cleaning, housekeeping and maid services that can help keep your home looking its best in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Coachella Valley & Riverside County California today.

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