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House Cleaning Myths Busted; Maid Services are Custom, Affordable & Save Time & Energy!

Have you ever thought about how wonderful it would be to come home to a spotlessly clean home? Coming home to a clean house can be a reality instead of a dream. The key is to hire a house cleaning service that is professional and provides a quality service at a reasonable price. The professional cleaning technicians at AAA Cleanco are trained to clean and sanitize your home and while they hear a lot of positive comments about hiring a house cleaning service, they often hear a lot of misconceptions about residential cleaning services.

AAA Cleanco debunks some common house cleaning myths


Myth #1 – Only the Wealthy Can Afford to Hire a Cleaning Service

It is a common misconception that only people who are very wealthy can afford to pay for a residential cleaning service; in fact many people feel that hiring a cleaning service would be embarrassing and make them appear snobbish. The truth is that busy people who want to make sure their home is clean are the stereotype for hiring a residential house cleaning service. The knowledgeable cleaning technicians at AAA Cleanco have many clients who are either working families or families that have only one working parent and one stay at home parent. All of our clients understand that their time is valuable and they would rather hire a cleaning company so they can focus their time on something more worthwhile such as spending time with family, caring for their children or volunteering for a worthwhile activity.

Myth #2 – If You Hire a Cleaning Service, they Will Demand Weekly Work

Many people are unable to afford hiring a cleaning service to come to their home once a week. The beauty of a professional cleaning service is that it is designed to make your life easier. Together with the professional cleaning technicians at AAA Cleanco you can arrange for us to come to your home once per week, once per month or once each season for a comprehensive deep clean service. We can customize a plan that will fit your individual cleaning needs and also fit the needs of your budget.

Myth #3- Hiring a House Cleaning Service Makes You Lazy

It’s impossible to complete every single housekeeping chore in a single day. Hiring a housecleaning company is a great way of sharing the load. If you really think about it this makes perfect sense, you hire a mechanic to change the oil and take care of the maintenance of your car, a dry cleaning takes care of the maintenance of your clothes so why not hire a housecleaning service to take care of cleaning your home. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a much needed break from cleaning when you have so many other more important things to do.

Myth #4: Hiring a House Cleaning Service is an Open Invitation to Theft.

While it is true that some cleaning services are dishonest and unscrupulous in their business dealings, the experts at AAA Cleanco are licensed, bonded and insured and our cleaning technicians are given a professional background check to ensure your peace of mind. At AAA Cleanco we are proud of our reputation and the high quality work that we complete on a day to day basis.

If you are interested in a house cleaning service to make your life easier, contact us today to discuss your customized housekeeping and maid services plan.

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