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What is the Easiest Way to Clean a Ceiling Fan in Palm Springs, CA? Cleaning Blades, Housing & More

According to the Department of Energy, even if you’re already using your air conditioner, ceiling fans can make you feel up to 4 degrees cooler, and they do not have any high operating costs. As a result, people take advantage of them in homes and businesses alike. When it comes to the ceiling fans however, they need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise the buildup of dust and grime will lead to wobbling, noisy operation, and eventually, motor damage. Additionally, a dusty ceiling fan will circulate particles every time you turn it on. Because the fan is better off clean for a number of reasons, today, we at AAA Cleanco would like to share a less messy approach to cleaning the ceiling fan.

What Do You Clean Ceiling Fans With?

To begin the fan cleaning process, you should collect supplies beforehand.
– Vacuum and Dust Attachment
– Ladder/ Step Stool
– Drop Cloth/ Old Bed Sheet
– Microfiber Cloths
– Dusting Spray
– Dish Soap
– Compressed Air
– Ceiling fan Duster

What is the Best Way to Clean Fan Blades?

Below are the steps to clean the ceiling fan blades.
1) Switch off the Fan. Wait for the blades to come to a complete stop after you turn off the ceiling fan. Stretch an old sheet or a drop cloth on the floor beneath the fan, and cover furniture, stereo equipment, televisions, and bookcases when there is a lot of dust buildup on the fixture and blades. To prevent tripping, make certain to stretch the sheet tightly. Have the supplies ready for cleaning and make sure the ladder or step stool is safe and structurally sound. You can purchase telescoping dusters with flexible heads, which will allow you to keep your feet on the ground while dusting for routine dusting of fan blades. Get as close to the fan as you can manage safely to better a thorough cleaning.
2) Blades and Motor Housing. Carefully wipe each fan blade with a ceiling fan duster or clean, dry microfiber cloth as you stand on a step stool or ladder. You can run a vacuum with an extended hose and dust attachment gently across the blade tops if it is safe to do so. In order to remove dust from the motor housing and any pull chains, use a clean, dry cloth. Spray the motor housing with compressed air to remove interior dust for a more thorough cleaning. Never let liquid get into the housing.
3) Complete the Cleaning with a Dust-Repelling Spray. In order to help minimize the dust accumulation, you can use a commercial anti-static, dust-repelling spray once your blades are clean. You can make a DIY anti-static spray on your own in a spray bottle by combining one part fabric softener with four parts water.

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