• AAA Cleanco

John T

January 20, 2015

I would like to put in writing how pleased I am with AAA Cleanco, residential and commercial cleaning company. After relocating to Palm Desert, I have finally found a green cleaning company that truly takes pride in their work. I love they they do both my apartment cleaning and office cleaning, inside with their maid services and outside with their power washing. With my previous cleaning service, I was always leaving notes to remind them of certain tasks they were missing. The maids and cleaning staff assigned to do my home and business cleaning always do the little things that show they really care about doing a thorough job like changing light bulbs and light handyman tasks. It’s like I’ve hired a property maintenance company too! And they are always there when I need specialized services too like yard and construction clean up around my building or the time I needed flood damage restoration when my water heater busted. I only wish I had found your services sooner! When my daughter was looking for rental clean up move out cleaning after her roommate left her in the lurch, I gave her your number and feel confident you can get her security deposit back. Thanks again, the Tarkanians

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