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How to Remove Limescale Deposits & Buildup from Showerhead, Toilet & More in Rancho Mirage, CA

After you tirelessly clean your bathrooms and kitchen, the same eye sore remains behind. You just can’t seem to get rid of those ugly limescale deposits. Lime deposits, or hard water build up, causes rough, jagged minerals to build up around sinks and faucets. Lime deposits can become an eyesore and even damage your faucet and drains over time. AAA Cleanco will share how you can clean and remove those nasty lime deposits for a cleaner bathroom and kitchen.

Tips to Clean & Remove Hard Water Buildup & Stains

Most tap or well water contains hard water, which is another way of saying your water contains a lot of minerals. Since hard water contains calcium and magnesium, they can cause lime deposits to build up around your sinks and faucets. Lime deposits don’t just make the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms look dirty, they also can cause damage if they are left unattended. When your faucets or sinks become affected by lime deposits, they can be a challenge to clean. However, if you follow these basic steps, you can dissolve and clean lime deposits.
Step 1. Wipe the faucet or sink with lime deposit cleaner, with an all-purpose cleaner, or with soapy water. Make sure to wipe the area with the lime deposits thoroughly so the faucet or sink is clean. Use water to rinse the area and dry it with a clean cloth.
Step 2. Using either lemon juice or an actual lemon that is cut in half, wipe the lemon on the lime deposits. The citric acid can help dissolve the lime deposits and is safe to use on brass, chrome, and copper faucets. Leave the lemon on the lime deposit. Keep adding the lemon until the lime deposits begin to dissolve. Use water to rinse the affected area and dry thoroughly.
Step 3. Even though most of the lime deposits are now dissolved, you may still need to treat the stain. To clean lime deposit stains, start by spraying vinegar on the affected areas. Let the vinegar sit on the lime stain for a few minutes or your can soak a cloth and wrap it around the faucets to help treat the stain. A similar method is to pour vinegar into a plastic bag and tie the bag over the faucet to help apply the vinegar to faucet and spouts directly. You can also create a paste with vinegar and baking soda to help clean those tight areas. It you use the paste let is stand for two hours then wipe away clean.
Step 4. With a tooth brush, scrub the lime deposit that has been soaking in vinegar. This will help break the lime deposits away. Make sure to remove the faucet screen as well and soak it in vinegar. Use the tooth brush to clean the screen. After scrubbing the lime deposits away make sure you rinse the area clean with water.

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You can, of course, use commercial lime or mineral deposit cleaners. These also work on removing these tough stains and build up. If you need help cleaning your home or tackling those tougher chores, contact AAA Cleanco today.

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