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Commercial Cleaning Supplies List for Your Business in Palm Springs, CA; Glass Cleaner & More

Businesses frequently invest in janitorial cleaning services. Keeping your business clean and presentable for customers, colleagues, and employees is important. As you have crowds moving throughout your commercial space, accidents and tracking in messes is inevitable. Despite having a routinely scheduled cleaning crew ensuring your businesses, it is ideal to have some basic cleaning supplies on hand to manage the occasional spill, stain, or any other mess. Today, we at AAA Cleanco would like to share the top products every business should have on-hand.

Cleaning Materials & Supplies List

1) Stain Removers. Spilling food or beverages on your clothing can be embarrassing if you have a presentation to get through, a meeting, or simply helping customers. Not only can these spots become stains and permanently destroy your clothes, but it can be perceived as unprofessional and distracting at the least. Have a stain removal stick in the supply closet can help get the team cleaned up and they are also effective and safe to use on carpets and upholstery.
2) White Vinegar. This is a common ingredient many homeowners rely on for DIY solutions. The properties of white vinegar have the same as many commercial cleaners and it is good to have as an alternative, natural cleaning aid. For example, your coffee machine can be cleaned white vinegar by running a single cycle with vinegar and then other with water to ensure the coffee stays fresh, clean, and most importantly, mold free.
3) Glass Cleaner. Most business buildings feature windows and many glass doors that easily become smudged, fingerprinted, and filthy throughout the day. If you have display cases, mirrors and other glass surfaces, having some glass cleaner on hand to perform touchups can keep you from having an unprofessional or neat appearance. Glass wipes can also be handier yet.
4) Disinfecting Wipes. Disinfecting wipes are the perfect cleaning product for any sticky situation you may encounter in the office and it is an all-purpose cleaning tool. They can be useful for cleaning up accidental coffee spill at your desk, wipe down the break room table after lunch, and other spills. Your computer, keyboard, and other office electronics and supplies can be safely wiped down the disinfecting wipes.
5) Air Freshener. An unpleasant smell travelling throughout the space can be extremely off-putting and extremely unpleasant. Before meetings or visits from important clients or customers, having a can of air freshener on-hand can neutralize and eliminate nasty odors. Choose an unscented variety that will mask odors without supplying a harsh fragrance in the event you are not overly fond of the artificial scent of some air fresheners.

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These are the top items you want in the storage closet. Any extras you feel that are sufficient is your call. But the professionals of AAA Cleanco perform comprehensive janitorial cleaning services that are scheduled as often as you see fit. We are thorough and utilize effective and safe products and powerful equipment to ensure your commercial building is clean, sanitized, disinfected and odors are neutralized. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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