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Commercial Property Disinfecting & Sanitizing

Being a full service residential cleaning and commercial janitorial service provider, AAA Cleanco is completely licensed and insured to supply commercial property disinfecting and sanitizing services. With nearly 40 years of experience, we specialize in providing clean, sanitized and disinfected environments both inside and outside of your Greater Palm Springs, CA business. We have team of qualified experts that possess the training, experience and skills that are well-equipped with powerful equipment and products that ensure effectiveness.

Importance of a Clean, Disinfected & Sanitized Workplace

AAA Cleanco understands the importance of proper disinfection and sanitation needs for your Palm Springs, California business. Where the public visits the property, whether you have employees, outsource workers, colleagues, visitors, customers, patients or a combination; there are many that commonly come to your business. Practicing procedures set by CDC guidelines, our experts ensure surfaces are beyond the surface clean with sanitation and disinfection applications that kills germs, bacteria and viruses.

Deep Cleaning of Surfaces

With our expertise, AAA Cleanco commercial deep cleaning services are done safely to clean, sanitize and disinfect the local environment. Deep cleaning surfaces can include, but is not limited to, sanitizing and disinfecting commercial carpet cleaning, natural stone cleaning, commercial tile and grout cleaning, area rug cleaning,

Wipe Down of High Touch Areas

We pay special attention to high-touch areas where germs are most likely to transfer from one person to another. These high touch areas include door and faucet handles, light switches, computer keyboards, office phones and counters among others.

Commercial Property Disinfecting & Sanitizing & More in Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, Bermuda Dunes, Indio, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Banning, Coachella Valley & Riverside County California

When you want to ensure your business in Palm Springs, CA and surrounding areas are to have more than the dirt and debris removed as well as the spots cleaned up, AAA Cleanco’s deep cleaning attacks the germs, bacteria and viruses lingering on the various surfaces of your commercial premises. Call us today to get started!

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