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Places Around Your Cathedral City, CA Business You Forget to Clean; Light Switches, Art & More

Most people go to an office to work every day. It is the place where you spend a lot of your day and it is important that it is kept clean. The office is a place that you want to keep your employees safe and protected from germs and allergens. You also want to do your best to make sure that any patrons that visit your office or commercial space feel welcome and can tell that you care about the business. The cleaning is something that needs to be done on a regular basis and that is why most businesses will use a cleaning company. When it comes to keeping the office clean there are some areas that people might overlook and miss which can be harboring all kinds of messes and germs.

AAA Cleanco Lists Things Around the Office Most People Forget to Clean

Door Knobs & Switches: When you think about some of the areas that are touched most often the switches and the knobs are on top of the list. Any area that is touched by the people in the office you want to ensure that they are kept clean. The knobs and the switches are touched every time there is need to get in a room and turn on the lights. Many of the germs that you have are on your hands so as you touch objects you are leaving germs behind for the next person to contact. Then you take your hands and touch your face and other surfaces that can end up making you sick. You want to make sure that you never skip the door knobs, push plates and switches.
Clean Air Vents: If you are worried about the allergens that are floating in the air in your office you want to take some steps to stop it. The allergens are what can cause your employees and customer to have trouble with allergies and trigger asthma as well. You want to change out the filters of course but you need to ensure that the vents are washed off as well. They usually will hold dust particles that can act as a trigger.
Office Kitchenette & Break Room: Another area of the office that needs to have your attention is the kitchen. The kitchen is important to keep clean for many reasons. One of the problems is if you miss cleaning the kitchen there can be crumbs left behind which will entice pests to come in the office. There are many pests that will bring disease as well as allergens to your office. Making sure that the office kitchen is cleaned is a great way to also prevent bad odors as well as buildup of mildew and mold. These can be bad for your health if they are left untreated.
Art & Décor: The other area of the office that will need to be cleaned are the pictures and other wall art. They can have dust on them that when they are agitated will get in the air. This will continue to cause sneezing and other allergies when you spend time in the office. You never want to skip this area when you are cleaning your office or commercial space.

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