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Removing Holiday Stains from Carpet, Upholstery, Clothes & More in Palm Springs, CA; Gravy, Grease, Red Wine, Cranberry & Blood

With the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays just passed and New Years just around the corner, you can rest assured with the hustle and bustle, messes will have occur and stains will blemish the surfaces in your home. Today, we at AAA Cleanco have compiled some common stains that take place and some tips on how…

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How to Organize Christmas Decorations in Palm Desert, CA; Cleaning, Packing & Storing Holiday Ornaments, Wreaths, Lights, Garlands & Decor

Preparing your home for the holidays is always a fun treat. Bringing down the storage bins and discovering forgotten treasures pertaining to the holiday you celebrate is truly an event many look forward to. Putting away the decorations, however, is another story. No matter if you celebrate Chanukah or Christmas, or something in between, tucking…

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Best Way to Prepare a Daily, Weekly & Monthly House Cleaning Schedule For In Between Professional Housekeeper Visits in Palm Desert, CA

If you are like most people, you know that housekeeping is a non-stop never ending chore in any home. Having a great house cleaning schedule is a great way to keep up the look and cleanliness of your home in between professional cleanings. It can feel overwhelming to try and keep up with all the…

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DIY Housekeeping VS Hiring Professional House Cleaning Maid Services in Palm Springs, CA with the Right Tools, Equipment, Knowledge & Experience

Keeping a home clean may sound like an easy task, but most people know that keeping up on house cleaning can become very difficult when you are caught up in work, kids and other day to day activities. While wiping down the counter top in the kitchen after preparing a meal is a great way…

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Beware of Toxic Household Cleaning Products & Supplies With Harmful Chemicals in Palm Desert CA; Negative Health & Environmental Effects

When you go to the store and purchase your cleaning supplies, you probably have one thing on your mind. Cleaning! It’s easy to be wowed by the promise of products that are designed to bleach, scour, polish and basically leave your home sanitized and smelling great. But have you ever wondered what is in the…

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