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It seems to happen before we realize it, no matter how diligent our cleaning duties are fulfilled, the better we are at ensuring the bathrooms are cleaned in detail and the longer the effects are prolonged, but almost overnight, we suddenly notice the stains that have subtly crept in and are now riddling our bathrooms. You walk in the bathroom and there is a ring in the bathtub in addition to the one you noticed in the toilet, and the other stains are popping out at you. No matter how much you scrub, your efforts are not improving the issues. With that in mind, we at AAA Cleanco would like to offer some solutions to those common bathroom stains.

How to Clean Bathtub, Toilet & Other Bathroom Stains

How to Get Rid of Yellow Stains in Bathtub: The bathtub ring and the hard water mineral deposits found around the fixtures, faucet, and even the drain is fairly common. Where you may think these surfaces are getting cleaned with the average bathroom cleaner, the layers of the deposits slowly build up until one day it is obvious. The drain, faucet, and fixtures need to be treat with a solvent that is specifically designed to remove the limescale deposits. To reach the small crevices, a toothbrush designated for cleaning can be very effective. To clear the ring out of the tub, you need to use a cleaner designed for your tub. For example, porcelain tubs can be cleaned with a generous sprinkling of an abrasive cleaner and scrub with a nylon brush. Bathroom surface cleaners are usually sufficient for tubs with an enamel, but they need to be cleaned with cleaners that do not contain bleach. For maximum results for an acrylic tub, frequent routine cleanings are crucial, as they require more maintenance than other types of tubs. A nylon brush can scrub out these tubs well enough and a hot water and mild dish soap is adequate if you do not have an acrylic specific cleaner.
How to Clean Brown Stains from Toilets: Toilets are the most susceptible to staining and the yellow rings near the rim, and brownish stains at the bottom are very common. A contributor to these stains are also the hard water mineral deposits. Turn off the water valve, flush the toilet to clear out the water and if any lingers behind, use a plunger to help it down the drain. Use your favorite all-purpose cleaner to completely saturate the bowl and use a hard-nylon bristled brush to scrub; avoid wire brushes as they can scratch the porcelain. After you have effectively removed the stains, turn the water valve back on and to rinse out the remnants, conduct a courtesy flush. Scrub your toilet well weekly to avoid stains and for more efficient results, brush out the bowl after every use as well.
Tile & Grout Cleaning: Sometimes stains derive from the soap scum, mildew and mold buildup on the grout. Keeping your tile and grout maintained on a weekly basis can help you avoid these stains and a quick wipe down after you use the shower and backsplash will help significantly. Find a tile and grout cleaner that is specifically designed to cut through mildew and mold and read the label to ensure it is safe to use on your type of tile and grout. Follow the directions for optimal results.

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In the event the bathroom’s stains are overwhelming or the stains are still a challenge for you, call AAA Cleanco and our specialists will assess the stains and see what optimal solutions we can do to get your bathroom sparkling clean and free of stains!

The chores that have to be done in your house are endless. There is always a mess to clean because you live there. You are going to use the house on a daily basis and so is your family. The chores are something that if you don’t have a good schedule and handle on the mess can get out of control quickly. There are some aspects of cleaning your house that seem to taunt you and are a problem on a consistent basis. Dust in the house is a problem because it seems like it comes from nowhere but happens to land on every surface in the house. There are some ways that you can help to reduce the amount of dust that is plaguing your home.

AAA Cleanco Explains Why There is So Much Dust in Your House & How to Prevent it from Entering

Change Your Air Conditioning Filters: If you are worried about dust in your house you want to try and stop it from floating around. The best way to do that is to look at the filter that is used to trap these dust particles in your house. The filter is part of the HVAC system and is inserted where you have a return air. The passage way is closed off with a filter that over time will collect these particles. The filter is something that will grab what it can from the air as it is circulated but if it is too clogged the dust will get through and go back in the air. That is why it is important when controlling dust to change out the filters often.
Wash Sheets, Blankets & Bedding: When you have a problem with dust that is covering your house also need to deal with one area that it accumulates. Your bedding and sheets are a definite problem area. Your skin cells, hair and other particles slough off your body at night and when you agitate the sheets it will get in the air. It is a great idea to make sure that you have your sheets washed on a weekly basis. You can pull them off the bed in the morning and start a load. Then change them out when you get home from a few errands.
Run Vacuum Often: When you work on cleaning dust out of your house you work on the areas that you can see the dust. This means the bookshelves, cabinets, televisions, and more. The dust lands and shows off on hard surfaces but that is not the only area that dust settles. Your carpets and flooring are a huge area that dust will settle but it is hard to see. That is why you may overlook it. Run your vacuum on a regular basis to collect the dust that is landing on the ground. This will help stop the dust from getting back in the air. You also need to be sure that you clean out the vacuum, empty the canister and shake out the filters.

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AAA Cleanco can come out to your home and ensure that your house is clean and dust free. Call our office today to schedule your one off or recurring appointment.

The day is usually quite hectic with everyone getting up, eating breakfast and rushing out the door for school or work. The daily routine can often times leave the house untidy and in need of some cleaning. Now add little ones that are home all day with nowhere to go. The daily life of a toddler revolves around snacks, diaper changes, meals, sleeping and of course more snacks. That will end up leaving your house in disarray at the end of the day. You can also add to the mess backpacks, shoes and purses when the rest of the family get home too. When you feel like all hope has been lost there are some tips and tricks that can help you keep it all together during the day.

AAA Cleanco Lists Tips to Help Keep Your House Clean When Kids Are Home

Handheld Vacuum to Clean Crumbs: One of the most common complaints of moms at home with small kids is that there are crumbs in every single crack and surface of the house. The little ones seem to wander everywhere with their cup of snacks. Even if they are not eating snacks they seem to have an endless supply of crumbs on their hands and clothes. As they walk around they leave a trail just in case you need to know where they have been. The best way to combat this problem is to have a handheld vacuum ready to go. This is a much easier way to get those crumbs fast rather than pull out the full size vacuum.
Sit Child in Highchair or Booster Seat to Control Mess: The next thing that you can do to keep your house under control is to keep the crumbs under control. This may sound like an impossible task but it can be done. If you are ready to feed a meal or snack it is best to leave your high chair in the same spot with a mat under it. They are easy to move and can be left in an area that you can keep an eye on the child without letting them wander around the house. The high chair is your friend and should be used as often as you possibly can.
Protect Couch & Furniture from Kids: Their messy little hands will touch everything and so will there face that can have all sorts of mess on it. There is no way to walk around and wipe their runny nose or wash those hands all the time so what you can do is to cover the areas that concern you most. First you can use a blanket during the day to cover your couch. This will reduce the amount of mess that is on the couch and you can throw the blanket in the wash at the end of the day. You can also purchase play tiles that can be assembled easily for the play time and this can protect your carpet. They can be wiped down and sanitized at the end of the day.

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AAA Cleanco can come out and get your house clean after the messiest house guest. We offer light housekeeping and maid duties to heavy duty move in and move out cleaning and everything in between. Call us today to make your next appointment.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness.” This is a common quote and philosophy that many churches and religions share throughout America. There are a number of independent and large organized religions that will worship in chapels and even in commercial centers. With a high volume of members, it is not hard to imagine how often these places of worship require regular cleaning. AAA Cleanco is an experienced cleaning service and we know the many benefits of keeping a clean and tidy church. We will share the many benefits and how we can thoroughly clean your church or religious center.

Church Restroom or Bathroom Cleaning

As most assume correctly, one of the dirtiest places inside any church building are the bathrooms. The nature of bathrooms tells us they require regular cleaning. When a bathroom is clean it isn’t just for appearance but also to ensure all of the bacteria and germs are killed as well. One of the many benefits of using a professional cleaning service is that they are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and do a deep and thorough cleaning of the bathroom. A bathroom will have toilets, stalls, sinks, mirrors, soap dispensers, walls and floors that all need to be disinfected and sanitized to be really considered clean.

Chapel Cleaning

One of the areas of the church building that demands a thorough cleaning is the chapel. It is important to have a good eye for detail when it comes to cleaning in the chapel area. A host of people share the same room which in turn requires an ongoing cleaning schedule to ensure that all of the germs, dirt and dust are never a problem. Many people harbor illnesses and viruses and for those dedicated worshipers they will bring their illnesses in with them. To prevent the spreading of germs and to help keep your parishioners healthy, it is important to have the chapel area cleaned as well. A chapel area will require dusting, windows cleaned, vacuuming, and sanitizing to insure the chapel area is immaculate. Some church buildings also have classrooms for additional religious study or even offer private schools. Classrooms will also need to be kept clean and free of germs. Tables, chairs, and other furniture throughout the church building will also be cleaned.

Deep, Detail Oriented Cleaning

The major benefit of using a professional cleaning service is the experience, attention to detail, and thoroughness. A church, regardless as to the religious practices, should be kept clean and orderly. A clean place for worship helps provide a peaceful mindset for those who minster and those being ministered to. Most church buildings and owners often need help maintaining the church building and sometimes it is hard to get the right kind of help when it comes to the regular cleaning of the building. One benefit of using a professional cleaning service is that most provide a contract, or can be scheduled for weekly cleaning services. They can be scheduled to come and clean the building when it is most convenient to the owner or the church manger.

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AAA Cleanco will come, deep clean and maintain your church or place of religious practice from entryway and chapel to nursery, kitchen and restrooms. We are considerate and respectful and will help maintain your church building. If you need help, AAA Cleanco services is available for residential, public or commercial building cleaning. Contact us today.

Save Time. Save Money. Save Yourself!

The average homeowner spends 12-28 hours a week on housework. By hiring AAA Cleanco, you could save at least 26 days out of the year to spend on much more appealing tasks! We understand that your time is valuable. With the time and energy we save you, you'll be able to appreciate the moments in life that are truly priceless. Give yourself a break. You've earned it.