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The baseboards in your home provide an additional layer of decoration, design and comfort. Baseboards make a room feel complete and can also pop with the right color combinations. Baseboards come in a variety of different sizes, patterns and thickness, making it easy to find a baseboard that goes along with the décor of your home. Just like everything else in your house, baseboards can collect a great deal of dust, dirt and grime if they are not regularly cleaned. Dust can accumulate quickly on the tops of baseboards, making a dull, gray color appear and your home looking not too tidy.

Cleaning Baseboards & Trim

Baseboards also take a hit from scuff marks, spills, accidents and pets too. Cleaning baseboards may seem like a simple task of just wiping down, but there are a few tips you should consider before you give yourself a knee ache from cleaning baseboards all day long. While no one will probably ever walk into your home and compliment you on how wonderfully clean your baseboards are, your guests will notice a dusty dirty baseboard, which will leave an impression that your home is not a clean one.

How to Keep Dust Build Up of Baseboards

Homes that have children and pets should allow a great deal of time to designate for baseboard cleaning. Dust and hair gravitate to the edges of a room and latch onto baseboards, creating a layer on the surface of the baseboards. Properly removing this dust and hair from every baseboard in every room will take time, so be prepared to spend an entire Saturday, if not more, getting your baseboards cleaned properly. A home that is heavily occupied should take on the chore of baseboard cleaning at least once every week. This will ensure that your baseboards are free from dust and hair that piles onto the surface of your baseboards over a short period of time.

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Dry dusting your baseboards, followed by a warm soap mixture and soft cloth to clean off any scuff marks is an effective but time consuming way to get your baseboards shining again. The most effective, time saving and energy saving method to clean your baseboards is to call in a professional to get the job done for you. You will not have to set aside an entire weekend to clean your baseboards. A professional cleaning service is skilled and experienced in cleaning baseboards and will get the job done right the first time. Contact AAA Cleanco today to get your baseboards looking like new.

Secrets to Keeping a Clean House

If you don’t have your house cleaned and organized or you don’t have a live in cleaning technician, it can seem overwhelming to clean your home and keep it that way. When the mess in your home gets too out of hand the amount of time that it takes to get it clean and the motivation to start can be hard. Cleaning a home is a great way to feel ready for your day and keep you motivated to succeed. There are some great ways to keep your home clean in between your regularly scheduled professional cleanings.

AAA Cleanco Lists Ways To Keep Your Coachella Valley CA House Clean & Tidy; Even Working Full Time With Kids & Pets in the Home!

Schedule Daily House Cleaning For The Week: This is a great way to get to each of the chores that need to be done in your home on a regular basis. Making a schedule is a great way to set up what days you are going to tackle jobs like laundry, dusting, bathrooms and kitchens. All the major tasks will be taken care of throughout the week and that will be good enough to get you to the following week.
Get Dressed For Housekeeping: This may seem silly but it is a great way to feel ready to start the chores. If you get ready in your regular everyday clothes you may be inclined to forfeit the chores so that you don’t make a mess of your outfit. You should start off the chores by getting out your apron and gloves and changing into clothes that are best suited to cleaning. You can also tie back your hair if it is long and gets in the way.
Organize and Invest In House Cleaning Supplies: If you have all the proper tools to do the cleaning in your home and it is organized neatly, it becomes easier to do. Be sure to replace any cleaners or tools as they run out or break. Have in your arsenal the cleaners that work best for the surfaces in your home and the tools that are used in each room. You can have them organized in a tote that can be kept in that particular room or area.
Stay On Task With Your Maid Services: The best way to keep motivated to clean is to schedule the time out just like you would if you had an appointment with a doctor. Set some time each day that is sufficient to the chores that are scheduled. Make sure you don’t have any distractions like TV shows, phone calls or friends stopping by. Once you start stay on task until you are done. Then you can move on to your day and enjoy.
Hire A Professional House Cleaning Company: The best way to keep your home clean is to hire a professional cleaning company to get the main cleaning done. You can keep the house kept up easier if the main work is done for you.

AAA Cleanco offers full service house cleaning, housekeeping and maid services that can help keep your home looking its best in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Coachella Valley & Riverside County California today.

What do you do when unexpected guests call to announce they are going to arrive next week for a surprise visit? If we are completely honest with ourselves, very few of us are guest ready 100% of the time especially for the arrival of relatives (and we all have them) who are absolutely fanatical when it comes to a tidy home. Before you rush into panic mode, consider your resources. The cleaning specialists at AAA Cleanco are the experts when it comes to getting your home ready for guests. Our team of professional cleaning technicians will clean your living areas exactly the way you want them cleaned, customized to fit your budget and your specific cleaning requirements.

The resourceful experts at AAA Cleanco have provided a to-do list for you to prepare and survive your houseguests who arrive with very short notice.

What to Put in a Guest Bathroom
• Remove any personal items from the vanity and bathroom cabinet
• Set out clean hand and bath towels
Guest Bedroom Essentials
• Clean out a section of the closet to make room for your guests clothes
• Clean out a dresser drawer for guests’ clothes or other personal items.
• Wash the bedspread.
• Put fresh sheets on the bed.
Preparing Kitchen
• Throw away expired food in the refrigerator

Your AAA Cleanco cleaning specialists will take care of the rest including:

• Deep clean your kitchen including your stove, cabinets, appliances and sink
• Deep clean your bathroom including the tub, toilet, sink, mirrors, and floors
• Deep clean your guest bedroom including under the bed, interior windows, window sills and drapery
• Whole home vacuum including furniture along with dusting and polishing of wood furniture.
• Dust and clean your television, mirrors, and lamps
• Mop all hard floor areas including ceramic tile
• Remove dust bunnies and cobwebs including baseboards and ceiling fans
• Replace burnt-out light bulbs
• Empty garbage cans

Quick Clean Up Tips for the Arrival of Unexpected Guests

For a quick clean-up when you have guests show up unexpectedly, keep a smaller sized laundry basket close at hand, pass it along to your spouse and have him go through the family room and kitchen collecting clutter such as shoes, magazines, clothes, books and toys while you momentarily detain your guests in the entryway. Have your spouse place the basket out of sight in a closet until your guests have left and the coast is clear.

Good Emergency Gift Ideas

If you have been caught without a gift to give a family member or friend you know the feeling of embarrassment that comes with the realization that you have forgotten something important. We are all guilty of forgetting a birthday or other special occasion and the best way to deal with an important occasion that has slipped your mind is to have an emergency gift supply. Include gifts that can be given to either a male or female adult family member or friend, such as picture frames, wine, candy, stationery, pen sets and candles. Don’t forget the kids. DIY craft sets make a great gift and be customized for either a boy or a girl. Keep an assortment of gift bags and cards in your supply so you are can package a gift a moment’s notice.

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Save Time. Save Money. Save Yourself!

The average homeowner spends 12-28 hours a week on housework. By hiring AAA Cleanco, you could save at least 26 days out of the year to spend on much more appealing tasks! We understand that your time is valuable. With the time and energy we save you, you'll be able to appreciate the moments in life that are truly priceless. Give yourself a break. You've earned it.