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Have you ever thought about how wonderful it would be to come home to a spotlessly clean home? Coming home to a clean house can be a reality instead of a dream. The key is to hire a house cleaning service that is professional and provides a quality service at a reasonable price. The professional cleaning technicians at AAA Cleanco are trained to clean and sanitize your home and while they hear a lot of positive comments about hiring a house cleaning service, they often hear a lot of misconceptions about residential cleaning services.

AAA Cleanco debunks some common house cleaning myths


Myth #1 – Only the Wealthy Can Afford to Hire a Cleaning Service

It is a common misconception that only people who are very wealthy can afford to pay for a residential cleaning service; in fact many people feel that hiring a cleaning service would be embarrassing and make them appear snobbish. The truth is that busy people who want to make sure their home is clean are the stereotype for hiring a residential house cleaning service. The knowledgeable cleaning technicians at AAA Cleanco have many clients who are either working families or families that have only one working parent and one stay at home parent. All of our clients understand that their time is valuable and they would rather hire a cleaning company so they can focus their time on something more worthwhile such as spending time with family, caring for their children or volunteering for a worthwhile activity.

Myth #2 – If You Hire a Cleaning Service, they Will Demand Weekly Work

Many people are unable to afford hiring a cleaning service to come to their home once a week. The beauty of a professional cleaning service is that it is designed to make your life easier. Together with the professional cleaning technicians at AAA Cleanco you can arrange for us to come to your home once per week, once per month or once each season for a comprehensive deep clean service. We can customize a plan that will fit your individual cleaning needs and also fit the needs of your budget.

Myth #3- Hiring a House Cleaning Service Makes You Lazy

It’s impossible to complete every single housekeeping chore in a single day. Hiring a housecleaning company is a great way of sharing the load. If you really think about it this makes perfect sense, you hire a mechanic to change the oil and take care of the maintenance of your car, a dry cleaning takes care of the maintenance of your clothes so why not hire a housecleaning service to take care of cleaning your home. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a much needed break from cleaning when you have so many other more important things to do.

Myth #4: Hiring a House Cleaning Service is an Open Invitation to Theft.

While it is true that some cleaning services are dishonest and unscrupulous in their business dealings, the experts at AAA Cleanco are licensed, bonded and insured and our cleaning technicians are given a professional background check to ensure your peace of mind. At AAA Cleanco we are proud of our reputation and the high quality work that we complete on a day to day basis.

If you are interested in a house cleaning service to make your life easier, contact us today to discuss your customized housekeeping and maid services plan.

Pre-Spring House Cleaning

Although the temperatures outside are still causing you and your family to bundle up in warm jackets and scarves, spring time will be here before you know it and you will be trading in your jacket for a pair of flip flops and your scarf for a pair of sun glasses. Spring time is most looked forward to after staying indoors for most of the winter and not being out in much sunlight. A great way to prepare for spring is to begin your spring cleaning a little bit early this year. There is no better way to enjoy the warm weather than with a clean home. Consider a few early spring cleaning tips to help you get a head start on deep cleaning your home this coming season.

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Your kitchen has played host to many dinner parties, holiday feasts and other festivities than the past few months, so it has seen its share of spills, splatters and drips. Your kitchen is one of the areas in your home that requires some serious scrubbing. If you are going to clean your kitchen for spring cleaning, start on the right side of your oven and work clockwise around the room. It is best to leave your oven for the end to avoid spreading the oil and grease around the rest of your kitchen. If you want your kitchen looking like new and prepared to take on the warmer months of the year, contact AAA Cleanco. AAA Cleanco will clean your kitchen thoroughly, leaving it looking like new.

Spring Cleaning Bathroom Checklist

If there is one room in your home that requires special attention, it is the bathroom. Think of all of the materials that go in and out of your bathroom every day. The bathroom is where you shower, use the toilet, do your hair, change out of your dirty clothes, and get ready each and every day. The bathroom requires special attention when it comes to cleaning because if not, it can become a serious breeding ground for bacteria that can be harmful to you and your family. Mold and other material can begin to grow and harm you if your bathroom is not properly and thoroughly cleaned. The best way to ensure that your bathroom is immaculate and void of any harmful materials is to hire AAA Cleanco to disinfect your bathroom and leave it looking like new.

AAA Cleanco has all of the most effective house cleaning materials and methods to get your home looking spotless and ready to enjoy the warm weather that comes with spring in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Coachella Valley & Riverside County California.

You have probably heard the expression “time is money”, and if you are interested in saving both, it definitely makes sense to contact the professionals at AAA Cleanco to take care of your home or business cleaning needs. Between all of your daily commitments with work and family, housekeeping often becomes an afterthought that keeps getting put off until a later date. Before you know it you have a huge mess on your hands and you are completely overwhelmed. Hiring a professional cleaning company like AAA Cleanco is the perfect way to ensure that your home is fresh, clean, and tidy. You will enjoy the luxury of arriving home to a clean house at the end of a hard day at work along with the added bonus of being relaxed instead of worrying about being overwhelmed with housework when you walk through the door.

When the house cleaning experts at AAA Cleanco come to your home for housekeeping and maid services, you can enjoy the following benefits:

More time to devote to other tasks besides cleaning: Would you rather clean, dust and vacuum or get out and enjoy life with your loved ones? By hiring the skilled cleaning technicians at AAA Cleanco, you can devote more time to family and less time to cleaning your home. The professional cleaning technicians at AAA Cleanco have all the tools, cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions to make sure that your home is spotlessly clean and sanitized. Your day is busy enough, so why run ragged trying to fit everything in to an already overwhelming work and family schedule?
A consistently neat and clean house: Keeping your home clean and tidy takes hard work and attention to detail. The technicians at AAA Cleanco are the experts when it comes to cleaning, so your home will always get the attention it needs to remain clean and sanitized. Whether you have a busy work schedule or you just want some time to yourself; by bringing in the professionals you will always have a home that you can be proud of.
Cleaning experts: The professionals at AAA Cleanco are considered the experts when it comes to cleaning homes. Experience and attention to detail ensures that your home will reach a higher standard of cleanliness. You can rest assured your home will be cleaned to perfection and our standards of cleanliness will meet or exceed your expectations.
Customized cleaning services: If you prefer that we focus on a particular area, we can customize a cleaning plan to meet all of your requirements. The cleaning technicians at AAA Cleanco work hard to provide you with the level of clean in the areas you want to be cleaned. We can get your home to the standard of cleanliness that you want and expect.
Additional cleaning benefits:Some of the additional benefits that you can expect include, prolonging the lifespan of the surfaces in your home including tiled areas, carpet and other flooring by providing regular cleaning services, and lowering the risk of illness and allergies by removing dust and other allergens from your home.

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For more information on our comprehensive list of cleaning services, contact the professionals at AAA Cleanco today and speak with a customer service representative to schedule your obligation free cleaning assessment. We look forward to providing your home with a clean you can see. You will be amazed at what a difference our expert cleaning will make to the appearance of your home or business.

The household chores are a list that seems to never end. The amount of cleaning a particular home needs has a lot to do with the amount of people that live there and the traffic coming in and out. When you are unorganized some of the chores may get overlooked and not get done leaving your home messy and dirty. The best way to ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned is to have a plan of attack and break the chores up into what needs to be done each day.

AAA Cleanco has a five day cleaning schedule checklist to keep your home clean.

What to clean on day one: This is a great day to start off with the laundry that needs to be done. Collect all the sheets and bedding and run it through the wash. You can also tackle any other bathroom towels and left over laundry that may be waiting. Remake all the beds with the fresh clean sheets after they have been run through the laundry.
What to clean on day two: This is a great day to take on all the bedrooms. Now that they all have clean bedding it is a great day to dust the bookshelves, dressers and blinds. You can also clean up any remaining items in the laundry room and make sure that it is organized. Now depending on the type of flooring that you have in these rooms you can run the vacuum or mop where necessary.
What to clean on day three: This is the middle of the week and a great day to take on the dreaded bathroom. The bathroom needs some deep cleaning at least one day a week. The toilets, sinks, floors and shower need to be scrubbed and disinfected. This day may not be your favorite but you need to take time to do this one each week to make it easier.
What to clean on day four: Take care of the living space, hallway and dining room. This is a great way to have your main living area clean and ready for the weekend. Make sure that you mop, vacuum and sust all the furniture. This is also a great time to organize bookshelves and closets that may have been gone through during the week.
What to clean on day five: This is the last day of the week and is a great day to clean the kitchen. To get the kitchen looking its best you need to take time cleaning the kitchen properly. Clean the floors and counters and wash out the sink. You should also scrub the oven, stove and microwave.

If you want to keep your days free you can call AAA Cleanco in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Coachella Valley & Riverside County California to schedule an appointment to have your entire house cleaned today!

Save Time. Save Money. Save Yourself!

The average homeowner spends 12-28 hours a week on housework. By hiring AAA Cleanco, you could save at least 26 days out of the year to spend on much more appealing tasks! We understand that your time is valuable. With the time and energy we save you, you'll be able to appreciate the moments in life that are truly priceless. Give yourself a break. You've earned it.